Frugal Living: Debt Consolidation

Hello again and here we are on our second Frugal Living post. Last week we talked a little bit about staying warm in the winter. This week I want to talk a bit about debt consolidation. ...more

A Bigger Plate

Wow. I can't believe I'm adding yet another item to my already crammed day. I've heard that if you want to get something done, give the task to the busiest person. Or to the one who can't say "no". That is me in a nutshell. I'm a mom to five children ages 3 months to 11 years. 4 girls and 1 bouncing baby boy. (Finally... ***whew***)I'm half of a prosperous small family business that I love some days and hate other days. I'm a chauffer quite often. I'm an amatuer photographer for my family and the families of my friends....more

Oreo Cookie Tutorial

Learn how to make Oreo Suckers!  A great tutorial on how to make easy Oreo suckers!  Great for parties and gifts!  Use colored sprinkles to make them match the holiday.  Super fun!

Saving on Groceries in a Tough Economy

Tip #1 Start a Stockpile By stockpiling sale items you’ll eventually need, you will save hundreds of dollars each month. Supermarkets have about a 12 week sale cycle. (Most things go on sale about every twelve weeks.) There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, soup is mostly on sale during the winter and condiments during the summer. But no matter what, only a few items will be featured on sale each week. So if you shop only for what you need, you’ll save on a small percentage of these items and overspend on your other needs. ...more

From Teenage Mother to Parenting a Teenager - Ooooh, Scary

Occasionally, me and my Mom would get into a disagreement that would make my mom so fed up that she would force a conclusion to the discussion by saying, "Wait 'till you have your own kids. You'll see." As a kid, I felt like just getting that statement out of her meant that I had won the argument. Whatever she was saying that I did not agree with would be heard no more because I had forced a conclusion to the discussion. . But then there's the element of Kharma. ...more

The Gift of Gardening

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Depserate for gift suggestions? I've got one that might work. You don't have to go out in the cold. There are no malls involved. You don't have to get dressed up. It appeals to procrastinators, (they are the ones reading the gift suggestion articles on December 21) because it can be put off for at least several months. See photos and read more at  ...more

We Are Hothouse Flowers, Waiting

I'm waiting for seeds to come in for the winter sowing I was told about by kind-hearted gardeners who have taken on my needy hothouse spirit as a salvage project.But in the meantime, I found orchids. Orchids! Inexpensive ones languishing on a sale rack at Lowe's....more

Kell's product tests and freebies

I am extremely excited about great freebies and product testing. I am a newbie to WOM advertising and product testing, but have already had some very promising freebies. This year so far I have product tested cross trainers, many various snack foods, toothpaste, allergry medicine, chocolate (yes, free chocolate!!), and a vacuum ($300 value)!!!! I have another shoe test and wii fitness game lined up :) I'm always on the lookout for new and promising/legit opportunities for freebies. I have a few freebie websites that I check faithfully....more

From Saving Tips to New Appreciations – Loving My Leaner Life

My husband and I went to see the film No Impact Man last week, and it made me wonder how far I could take my own savings, and my own awareness of my personal and global impact, financially and otherwise. In the film, this guy in New York City pledged to live impact-free on the earth for one year. That means his wife and 2-year-old child lived without electricity, and bicycled everywhere among other surprising habits in a metropolis. ...more