This blog is intended to let men in on some of the ways women like to manipulate situations to work in their favor. It allows men to see how "evil" even the sweetest girl can be. Yes, I am a woman and I am willing to honestly talk about our ways, while most women would rather deny the truth. Yes men, tears can be fake......more

How to Make a Spooky Witch's Cauldron

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. – William Shakespeare It’s getting spooky around here… and the little witches love it.  Even though she can hardly see above the rim of the cauldron. I always look forward to decorating for Halloween… and I love that many Halloween decorations don’t have to cost much, if anything at all....more

I really like how you make the "flames".


Getting to know me.

Hi everyone. I have been blogging for a couple of years now but the only ones that read my blog were my family and maybe a few friends. I have followed several other blogs for a long while now and would really like to get more involved in this blogging world. My interests are my family which you can see from my blog, crafts, decorating, gardening, most anything to do with my home and how to make it a better place. I would also love to get involved in meeting other women whose children are pretty much grown, and ones who work outside the home....more

Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Reel Good Recipes features Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes inspired by The Secret Life of Bees. Great recipes inspired by great movies....more

Supermarket Trick? Or Treat?

I was at the grocery store. It was a major chain store that I frequent because it’s close to my house. If I pay attention, use coupons and a discount card, I can usually manage to buy what I want for the week without going over my preset budget. ...more

Where Did the Time Go?


Fear of Fuschia: Home Hair Color Anxiety

I haven’t wanted to go here. I am afraid. Yet it seems so excessive to spend over a hundred dollars to change my hair color, just because I struggle internally with two useless quirks that linger below the surface of what I hope is a confident facade. If I could find a cure for the joint curse of vanity and insecurity, I would be a wealthy woman....more

Child Care: It Never Gets Easier to Choose

My daughter started kindergarten this year, and because we wanted to ease her transition, we left her in her normal daycare for before-and-after-school care instead of putting her in the program run by the public school system. Even though it cost $200 a month more....more

I live in London, and we have the same issues.  Next week my kids will be out of school ...more

The Tie Game


What appliances can you not live without?

We have been hanging all of our laundry out to dry ever since June, when we had the unfortunate wet- sneakers- in- the- dryer incident. ...more

I agree with Sassymonkey. Living without a fridge would be such a major ordeal. Right now our ...more