Unemployment and Healthcare Talk

The past Thursday marked the culmination of a very exciting 10 days at MyWorkButterfly.com. The "Nick Lachey Dream Dinner Date Charity Auction" pulled in $10,600!...more

First post!!!!!

Helllooooo people!  welcome to my first post! I'm is excited about doing this... that probably gives you your first clue about my little life... nothing much happens that one could call exciting. To sum myself up in a (long) sentence, I'm a early-twenties married mum to a 4 and a half month old, from england but living in canada, and looking desperately and somewhat hopelessly for a job.  Any job.  If you are in Saint John, Canada and are looking for a top- class employee, I am her.  :)...more

I am pretty new to blogging as well and I really enjoy it. So far my experience with Blogher ...more

Tired of Being BROKE!

Today I am mad!  And sad...I am wondering if my decision 9 years ago to be a stay at home mom was the right choice?  Deep down, I know it was, but I am tired of struggling financially all of the time and feel guilty that my husband has all of the stress of being the only provider on his shoulders. ...more

My Yoga Rx

My whole family is learning this Gary-Numan-synthpop equation: The song ”Cars” + a car + mama inside the car = me rocking out in my seat by mechanically rotating my head and arms. Squared. Next, my husband will egg me on with “Robot wife: activate. Execute program ‘get down.’” While the man is saying this in a disembodied drone, he is still managing to save his own dignity by not moving a muscle. I, on the other hand, run his command with such goofy enthusiasm that I shake the moving car....more

Back-to-School: Sandwich Generation Edition

The newness of back-to-school has worn off, and we're settling into our parenting routines. Right? Except for those members of the sandwich generation who never quite know what to expect from their aging parents. What do you do when you have soccer practice at the same time as your father's doctor appointment? Your father who can't drive anymore? Replicate yourself? ...more

Honestly, it's a balancing act where no one wins...and someone always loses out. Take a ...more

Turn boxes of family photos into inexpensive and cool Christmas gifts

Do you have stacks of photos? Shoeboxes of photo CDs? Most stashed under a bed or in a closet? You could be using those photos right now to create terrific photo gifts for Christmas and holiday giving.     WHAT MAKES PHOTO GIFTS A GREAT IDEA? ...more

Redefining Convenience Food

Every time I bit into a piece of fruit this summer, I was amazed at how sweet and delicious it was. At first I thought it was because I had become better at picking out fruit, but if you have read my food waste posts, you know this is not the case. What was different then? I had adjusted my sweetness set point. By limiting sugar in my diet I had redefined what sweetness was for my taste buds, so fruit tasted sweeter than it had in years. ...more