Memories from the Holocaust: Where Were You in the Camps?

 "Only one bathroom?" The woman behind me looked ahead, at the half-dozen other passengers waiting for the tiny toilet to be available. I smiled and nodded, raising my eyebrows in a what can you do? kind of way....more

I'm sitting her at 9am in L.A. and I'm just so blown away by this I can't move. My father ...more

Homage to Grandma

Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my grandmother's passing, my dad's mom. I had forgotten all about it, even after posting to another person's blog about her own grandma. Here is her story:...more

Dog sledding at 30 Below

by Dorene GormanOne day I woke up and learned, at 62 years old, that my significant other,the love of my life, was having an affair with his ex-wife. I immediately threw him out and cried for one year. Soon after, I visited with friends in Asheville, N.C., who unintentionally told me what I needed to do next....more

Deathbed Conversion

When my grandma was dying, my born-again Christian mother was very concerned about the state of her soul. One day, after staying by her side for days and days, Mom asked Grandma if she would care to invite Jesus into her heart as her personal savior.Grandma said, "I'm kinda like S____ [that is, *me*, her granddaughter]. I don't like anyone bossing me."I am flattered by this story, because my grandma and I share this in common. We don't want to believe in Mom's religion. We're not Christians. It's a fact....more

I have a story to tell you about my grandmother. She was of a rabid sect of protestant flavor ...more

My Mother Will Always Be Mommy to Me

"A mother's love is so special It's something you can't describe Until the day you die" - The Intruders ...more

Marketing to Moms Means Marketing to Grandmoms Too

Watch out marketers.  Don’t miss marketing to the Nana Generation, grandparents that are involved with their grandchildren and have the energy and the money to enjoy the next phase of parenting. What Moms Say About Grandparent Participation...more

Another new weight loss journey

I am 60 years old, way overweight , feel much older than I am and had been to that place in my head that says there is nothing you can do about it, surrender to the aches and pains caused both by my body being so big and osteoarthritis and just give up....more

Heirloom fashion

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year wasn't strictly a Christmas present at all. It's this cashmere scarf, which belonged to my late Great Auntie Marjorie and which was passed down to me by my mum:...more

At the Bottom of a Cup of Tea? Patience.

While I was brewing some green tea the other day, I realized that it was my grandmother who tried to teach me patience with a cup of the stuff.  I am a person who always wants things yesterday, which partly explains why it took me so long to understand my grandmother's lesson.  Perhaps a cup of tea each day will bring greater revelation, drop by drop....more

The New Years Resolutions that Will Not Be

What a weird beginning to 2010. I'm so blah. . not feeling like I've shed the grief of 2009 and accepted all the new opportunities that are awaiting in 2010. Right now, I'm really just fakin' it 'til I make it. .Joseph James Johnson, my Dad, passed away at 10 am on January 31, 2009 of prostate cancer. I was not there. I was at home planning for a party. I now hurt, and I carry a lot of regret with me in 2010. I know I will forget this mistake, but I will not forget the lesson, "Don't put off to tomorrow. . " I'm 34, but still learning the same damn lesson.. "...more