New Year ~ New Me ~ Editor of Timeless Bliss

    I’m delighted and honored to announce that I’ve been asked to be the new Editor of the Timeless Bliss channel for Mature and Baby Boomer women at Blissfully Domestic. ...more

Naturally Curly

“She has naturally curly hair,” my mother would say with great sadness in her voice  when she spied a young person with curls.  She made it sound like a curse.   Mother had curls of the type that sprang in tight spirals directly from the scalp and she hated them.   She did battle with her hair daily.  Her own mother urged her to wear her hair cropped short and just be done with the whole thing, but mother craved shoulder-grazing styles.   She was born at the wrong time for her hairstyle to be considered stylish.  The only curls my mother’ ...more


I took the afghan from the laundry basket where it had waited two days for me to fold it in fourths and put it back on my daughter’s bed. It never feels right in my hands, though - and if it’s possible to have a complicated history with a thing, I do with this afghan. ...more

When Grandparents Spoil Their Grandchildren

Everyone knows the job of grandparents is to spoil their grandchildren.  "Spoil-'em-and-send-'em-home" is often the attitude that young parents feel  about their once strict parents who have become grandparents.  But for the sanity of all involved, there has to be some sense of balance between the generations. ...more