Bath time rituals - a soapy story.

Bath time is sacred. I enjoy it an unreasonable amount, but a private bath isn’t always easy to achieve. When my daughter was very young, I announced I needed a few minutes after work to decompress in the tub and then she could tell me everything, ask me anything.  At first that was okay with her - until it wasn’t.  She sat outside the bathroom door, asking me is it time yet?  ...more

Beekeeping and Banana Pudding

    So Paw’s baby brothers are closer in age to Gary and me than they are to Paw. Both are successful business owners, well into their second marriages, with so many kids and grandkids between them that I feel uncomfortable asking about them, afraid I’ll make hurtful mistakes with names and relationships. ...more


  So, things have calmed down around here. I have avoided writing for several days now, unsure of what to say, gun-shy. ...more

How to Live to a Ripe (Not Rude) Old Age

Laurie: After a few minutes of fumbling with her Senior Citizen discount card and the slot in the entrance thingamajig at the front of the bus, the elderly lady hobbled over to a seat occupied by a gentleman and gestured for him to get up.  Now this guy was no spring chicken but he was a tad younger than our Golden Oldie.  He complied and gave her the seat.  I listened really hard.  Not a thank you anywhere to be found.  In fact, he failed to exist after her bony bottom hit the plastic.  And of course, it got me to thinking.  Does age equal privilege? ...more

Just me!

Hello, I'm new to this. I hope I meet alot of new people. :o) So, again, a BIG HELLO all! Lisa...more

Oh, the Mi-iiiiiisery I Go Through

So I escape to the front step, a naughty child. Chastened. Massively guilty. And angrier than ever. I look at the truck and think of leaving, for good. Of calling Maw and saying, you’ll just have to get somebody else. I see the throngs of people out, on this warm September night. Jogging, skateboarding, walking their dogs. What would our lives be like, without Maw and Paw?...more

Rocket Science, Part 3

I think it’s an understatement to say that this really rattled me. Hot tears erupted all over my new therapist. (What should I call her? Clearly, C.J. Craig. Hah. Didn’t even need Gary for that one.) I wanted to know if somehow I was causing Maw’s nausea. Claudia Jean put the kibosh on that idea. “Maybe she just tries harder not to do it when your husband’s around because she doesn’t feel comfortable with him,” she offered. ...more

Back-to-School: Sandwich Generation Edition

The newness of back-to-school has worn off, and we're settling into our parenting routines. Right? Except for those members of the sandwich generation who never quite know what to expect from their aging parents. What do you do when you have soccer practice at the same time as your father's doctor appointment? Your father who can't drive anymore? Replicate yourself? ...more

Honestly, it's a balancing act where no one wins...and someone always loses out. Take a ...more

Rocket Science, Part 2

      Enter Maw’s new doctor. (Gary’s never met her, so he’s no help in picking out a character name.) The thing is, this lady actually looks like Patti Duke, so trying to name her something else hurts my brain. She looks so much like Patti Duke I almost, almost, asked her if she used to be an actress. But then I quickly calculated that she can’t be any more than five years older than me, so she couldn’t really be Patti Duke. I do think she qualifies as a miracle worker, though. Okay. Dr. Anne Sullivan. (You know. Helen Keller? Annie Sullivan? The Miracle Worker?) ...more

Aging India's dilemma in a nuclear society

Growing up in post-colonial Kolkata and as a student in a Catholic missionary school, we made the occasional trip to what we called "old-age homes" or retirement hostels for senior citizens. Those were heart-rending visits: old women and men miles away from their children, some of whom had left their aging parents for greener pastures in the U.K., Australia and other Commonwealth nations. Many of the senior citizens were Anglo-Indian or Caucasian (from India's British Raj days) whose children left after the country became independent. ...more