That High Lonesome Sound

So Maw is on a whine-a-thon. I could barely sit next to her at supper. Headache was making me positively crosseyed but I couldn’t say a thing, even to Gary. Maw has simply ruined whining for the rest of us. ...more


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Gary himself nixed the laptop ...more

Family Entertainment: Improving or Deteriorating?

I grew up on a farm. I always think that is so normal, because most of my friends in Kansas City grew up in little towns in Iowa, Kansas or Missouri. It's mostly when I talk to my friends from the Interwebs that I realize my upbringing was so totally Huck Finn compared to the suburban or city childhoods they experienced. ...more

Lots of parents today seem focused on "doing things" so their kids will have experiences -- ...more

The MEDCottage

So this guy, Kenneth Dupin, and his company N2Care, have come up with an idea he calls the MEDCottage. It’s basically a 12x24-foot trailer you park in your backyard to keep Grandma in. You run a garden hose and an extension cord out to it and voila! An alternative to the high cost of nursing home care! ...more

I'm in Love

    So, her name is Kelly. For eight hours a week, she comes over to my house and pretends to be me. She is me. A younger, prettier, skinnier me. But she’s always in a good mood. ...more

This Intolerable Situation, Concluded

So what she said was, “There’s no way you’re going to be able to do this.” She stared at me, with a kind of Am I being punk’d? half-smile on her face, like she just couldn’t believe how naïve I was. ...more

This Intolerable Situation, Continued Yet Again

It’s a well-worn joke between Gary and me that after about two years of seeing me, a therapist will develop a burning desire to change careers. ...more

This Intolerable Situation, Continued

  So to be honest, I wasn’t that upset when Maw and Paw locked themselves inside the car. I actually thought it was kind of funny, with that “intolerable situation” line still running through my head, and Paw peering out the window at me with his expressionless face and bird-blue eyes. ...more

This Intolerable Situation

                  So for the longest time, it’s been true that the more lucid Paw is, the more upset he is about what is happening to him. I guess it’s the one saving grace of his dementia. Mercifully, as his fugue deepens, his episodes of extreme agitation and anguish have become few and far between. ...more

Reader, I'd Like You to Meet Headache

So why do I capitalize Headache and refer to it as though it were a person? Well, Headache, you see, is not ordinary pain in the neck. ...more

Ponyo: Enviro-a-gogo

In many of Hayao Miyazaki's anime masterpieces, water waves, ripples and eddies provide a fascinating back-canvas to his hand-drawn cel animation. It stands to reason then, that he'd eventually create a film about the ocean. In his recent animated feature, "Ponyo," breath-taking visuals of undulating jellyfish and prehistoric undersea creatures accompany an eco-friendly story about a goldfish who wants to become a walking, talking, real live girl.  ...more