A Better Video

            So at the Alzheimer’s Association website, www.alz.org, there’s a handy table comparing normal age-related changes to those indicative of Alzheimer’s disease. ...more

LBDA Video

So the LBDA (Lewy Body Dementia Association) has come up with a Public Service Announcement. View it on my blog, thanklessjob.typepad.com. It was shown to something like 80 million people watching some football hall-of-fame show. ...more

24 Days Old -Easier than 24 Years?

My friend adopted her first baby.  My baby just moved out and started law school.   We both have sleepless nights.  We both worry about our girls' futures.   We both stare at our daughters pictures online; my friend trying to decide which to send off to friends, me looking at postings she has shared with me on Facebook. We both worry about our daughters savings accounts and how the current economy might affect them. And we both want the everything in the world for them. ...more

Blanket and Beyond: What's Your Nickname?

My given name is Laurie (rhymes with "sorry", technically) to most people, much to the horror of the priest who baptized me and my third grade teacher Sister Patricia because although I was not named after a Partridge Family character it's still not a saint's name so basically to them I was Laurence. It's "Yo" and "hey" and increasingly, horribly, "Ma'am" to many more. Some people in a far off land I occasionally inhabit call me "Professor," that is when they're not calling me "Yo." Go ahead. Laugh. I do. ...more

I have had many names through the years. Some I embraced, others I fought against and some I ...more

Facing the Death Panel

Sometimes I wonder what might have happened, the day Maw fell, if I had hesitated to call the EMT’s when I did, because I was worried about how we’d pay for a hospital stay. I don’t have to wonder long. It’s pretty clear she’d be dead now. Even if I’d only had as much as, say, ten minutes’ worth of hesitation. It’s a scary thought. It’s all scary. ...more

It's Not the Journey, It's the Pyramid

So, when I was a new mother, I had a similar, if less upsetting, series of a-ha moments. It became clear to me, as my little ones grew up, that all truths of the universe would eventually be revealed to me in my new role as a mother. <!--break--> Why did people domesticate dogs? To clean up the floor under the high chair. Why did somebody invent carpeting? They tired of hearing the “thunk” their toddler’s head made on the hardwood floor every time he took a tumble. ...more

The Crying -- Part Two

So I did see the Director again. As it turned out, there were papers to sign. Instructions to be given. Handwritten and single-spaced in her tiny Byzantine script. The Director handed them over to me along with a handful of sweating Compazine suppositories and followed us out to the car. She watched Gary and me struggle to pull Maw up out of her wheelchair (it took two of us back then) and plop her into the backseat. ...more

OMG the phone. It rings. Nonstop. Often while I'm on a phone meeting so ya know, I can't answer ...more

The Crying -- Part One

So after Maw’s accident, she spent five weeks in intensive care, <!--break--> another week being shuttled around to different units in the hospital, and then almost two mon ...more

... end up having the cleaning lady come over. I thought this part of my intro. was running ...more

Your Child, My Life, Our Family - at the Beach and Everywhere

"Laurie, why did God put all that water out there?" She spread her three-year-old arms out wide to the ocean, with which she was precariously making friends, running down and teetering on the edge of the water til the baby waves splashed over her feet, then quickly running back, countless times. It wasn't getting old. ...more

You've been someone i've been proud to know since we connected at BlogHer what, three years ...more

A Cautionary Tale

So maybe I should start with me.  The thing is, I used to be nice, more or less. Mild-mannered, easygoing, polite. A little nutty, maybe. Oversensitive, prone to tears. ...more

You got no results when you searched for Caregiving on BlogHer? I wonder if you attempted the ...more