A Cautionary Tale

So maybe I should start with me.  The thing is, I used to be nice, more or less. Mild-mannered, easygoing, polite. A little nutty, maybe. Oversensitive, prone to tears. ...more

You got no results when you searched for Caregiving on BlogHer? I wonder if you attempted the ...more

Revenge or No Revenge?

Some of my granddaughters have been visiting for the past two days. Unfortunately, I had to go to work. Fortunately, Larry was home so while their parents were golfing, Larry entertained the girls. Yesterday the girls got up at a leisurely 11:00 am. He packed them up and headed to the Downtowner, where breakfast is served until 2:30pm. Then they took off to Goodwill, where the girls tried on clothes to their hearts' content. They bought nothing but had a great time. ...more

Write What You Know

  So, useful writing advice is hard to come by, or maybe it’s true, what Paw used to say about me: “You can’t tell her anything…” ...more

We fell into caregiving and while we saw it as a beginning of something, I'm not sure we ...more

Life Is Like

So for me, the problem with trying to think up new ideas is that trying to think up a new idea has never actually resulted in my getting any new ideas. It’s only after I completely give up looking that something then presents itself, in a dream, while I’m driving, or on an old episode of Roseanne. The most productive times of my writing life have always come immediately after I give up writing altogether. ...more

Now I Know

So after four months of fits and starts, I’ve decided that I’m going to do this thing, this blog. I’ve got a few entries started and a few more mapped out. I’ve made some choices about what I’m going to write about, and how. I’ve given myself until Friday to think of a title. I’ve read a book about blogging – okay, I’ve scanned the first three chapters of a book about blogging. The only thing left to do, really, is figure out where to begin. And now I’m stuck. ...more

Watching Your Kids Go Through Their Own Divorces

The whole reality-show-couples-marriages-falling-apart thing this summer got me thinking: What do their parents think? ...more

Dear Rita,

I will make this comment brief as I do intend to write a book of my own on ...more

Letter Writing or E-mailing: Do You Let Your Kid Unleash Uncensored?

My five-year-old frequently asks me how to spell words, which is nice, because then I know exactly what she's writing (if not how her brain arrived at that subject). It's both exhilarating and terrifying to think soon she'll be writing her own uncensored missives and possibly SENDING THEM TO OTHER PEOPLE. ...more

They are staying with the grandparents. They are 7 and 9, and email me almost every ...more

Is "Aunt" a Title or a Role?

I was talking to a soon-to-be-50-and-childless friend the other day, and she mentioned that she'd moved back to Missouri from Montana after her sister asked her to come back -- because she wanted her to be an aunt to her children. To BE an aunt. It got me thinking -- what is the role of aunt? What role do we play in our siblings' kids' lives? ...more

I am so happy to see something about the role of AUNTs here and I hope we'll think well of ...more

Weather-watching obssession - does this make me an ol' coot?

Watching the weather is a favorite hobby of mine.  I don’t generally get my weather reports from television, but I might as well be one of those people we see in comedies, who fixate on the Weather Channel and sit there for hours, soaking up data about places they’ve never been, never intend to go, and if they did go there, they wouldn’t know anyone. Those people are portrayed as coots. (One definition of a coot:  Simple-minded.)  A weather fanatic will say to no one in particular,  ”I knew it.  I knew that system was gonna come in early.”   ...more

Children at funerals

What's the purpose of taking young children to funerals?  The Michael Jackson funeral (event?  celebration?) brings up all kinds of questions about what is and isn't appropriate, but my worry is that children at a funeral are exposed to indelible images that may later prove hard to deal with. ...more