That Can HAPPEN?

Or, the ways my doula scared the shit out of me.   Ok, that's an exaggeration.  She didn't scare me.  But there were several things that I didn't even know should be considerations  in the birthing process that made me go, "WHAT? That can HAPPEN?"  And, I warn you now, not everything here is pretty.  And, I'm not very technical here, so if you want more specific information, ask your doctor.  Or Google it.  Because everything on the Internet is correct....more

Thanks for letting me know that about the catheter!  You and few other people have said ...more

My pregnancy - 10 things I needed to survive!

Looking back, there are some things I would NEVER have got through pregnancy without. Here are my recommendations for what were really essential during my pregnancy....more

Ow, Today Hurts "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -E.M. Forster...more

What I Eat While Pregnant

I have celiac disease, I live in Africa, and now on top of that I'm navigating the world of eating for two. The gluten-free part is easy. The lack of variety here is my big challenge. I haven't really had cravings, but I've had some very strong aversions, which makes the lack of variety even more challenging. Like every expectant woman I want to make sure the baby and I are getting enough of everything that we need....Read the full post at What I Eat....more

She Works Hard for the Money

Every time I tell someone what I do for a living, I get the same reaction: ‘You have the greatest job’, they tell me. ‘Um, it is a lot of hard work. But I guess it is OK.’ I reply....more

iPhone Apps for New Mothers and Mothers-to-be

This is a very popular app for expecting mothers.  It is the Pregnancy Tracker from   ...more

I hope everyone enjoys these helpful sites that I add for moms.  If you have any ...more

Not Today

Most days are too busy. Filled with the everyday trappings of being a wife and a mother. Most days my heart and my mind are occupied with the husband and three little boys that make up my whole world.Not today. Never today. Today always starts and ends with tears. Today I am forced to think of all the things I am not doing. Today I will not wake my child with happy birthday. I will not tuck a note in a lunch box. I'll not be sending a favorite cupcake flavor to school to be shared with classmates. I won't be making a favorite dinner tonight. I've no birthday party to plan....more

My Pregnancy Hunger: Step Away From the Flax Seed

The latest development in my pregnancy is how incredibly HUNGRY I have become. It’s pretty scandalous how lustful I am for food. The other day, my husband Mike was telling me how he had lunch at Salty’s, one of my favorite Seattle restaurants, and I forced him to illustrate his meal in slow, vivid details. “Oh you had mashed potatoes? Were they creamy? Mama likes them rich and creamy. Yeah, you work it with your buttery carbs, you dirty side dish! YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE YOU HAVE A SECRET!”...more

Wow..! Lovely post... I couldn't stop ...more

Pancake Tuesday

I love the quirky little British holidays that, unlike our American commercialised ‘greeting card holidays’, I actually look forward to. For instance, last Tuesday was Pancake Day. In honor of the start of Lent, the British make pancakes to use up all the sugar, chocolate, syrup, etc. they have in their cupboards. At least, that is the idea. The reality is that most people these days actually go out and buy their pancake making ingredients –totally missing the point and spending about £15!...more