Christening, Etc.

Anne Lamott said, "There are two types of prayer. One is 'help, help, help.' the other is 'thank you, thank you, thank you.'" And somewhere around the age of 17, my brain decided I would be the kind of person who was 99% "help, help, help." Only in my mind, it reads, "HELP! HELP! HELP!"I have some kind of anxiety disorder. I hate that I do, but I do. I've spent the last 19 years trying to control it....more

The Democrats’ Dilemma: Their Own Trojan Horse Kicks Free

House Democrats broke into a paroxysm of self-congratulation for passing a health reform bill. By embracing the Stupak-Pitts amendment, however, they entered the women’s hall of shame. They had promised no more limitations based on preexisting conditions. But House leadership allowed a codicil: Except if you are a woman.   ...more

Check Out the Live-Feed of My Failed IVF Cycle

A woman named Lynsee just gave birth online and I didn't watch. Perhaps it is a testament to how greatly I'm affected by the stories of loss I've read, but knowing what can go wrong in birth, I didn't want to witness a live-feed of emotional anguish. Also a testament to how greatly influenced I am by my own story and those of others in the community, knowing what can go right in birth, I didn't want to witness their enormous joy knowing how out-of-reach it is for 7.3 million Americans. ...more

Non-commercial - just her individual experiences and some helpful ...more

Baby A, and Baby B

On The Fence About Having Another Kid?

Well Ladies, some good news happened to me when my sister-in-law got hitched about two weeks ago. The pressure from my in-laws to have another child was finally lifted off of my head, and so nicely placed upon my sis-in-law’s precious head. “Have another baby. Try for a GIRL. C’mom. You can do it. I heard there’s ways. You have sex before you ovulate. Missionary position. Oh ya, and don’t forget to douche.”...more

Had my first very young, and have been through single motherhood. Now married to phenomenal ...more

Abortion Healing and Alternative found in BabySpirit Meditation

Enter into a realm of spirit in the face of a difficult decision: should I keep the baby or do I get an abortion? Or, why am I having this miscarriage?...more

Birth plan? Doula? Natural birth? Not here you don't.

A sign posted at the Aspen OB/GYN Women's Center in Provo, Utah has many women up in arms. What's so offensive? Read for yourself. The sign reads as follows: ...more

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Diaper Review. Don't Put Your Money Down the Toilet, Trust Me You Will Need it For Preschool!

Diaper Review:I am comparing these from prices the amazon website which usually has the cheapest diapers and they have free shipping. The store brands are being priced from each stores website. I am using size 3 to make an accurate comparison but if you do the math on smaller sizes they will be cheaper (because they give you more for the same price) and visa verse for bigger sizes....more

My Miracle Girl

GREENWICH, Conn. -- This column was never supposed to happen. As most of you know, I don't usually write about my personal life, except when it comes to my own everyday experiences with financial matters. This time, though, I thought I would share an experience which you may find both inspiring and hopeful. For the most part, I have lived a life focused on business, both building my own and educating people in how to build theirs. It has been my passion and had absorbed most of my time and energies, leaving little for an engaged, committed personal life....more

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Depression: Do the benefits of anti-depressants outweigh the risks?

Anti-depressants have been in the news a lot recently.  There are new questions about anti-depressant use and the risk of suicide.  Questions about why anti-depressant use seems to be on the rise.  Questions about the risks of using anti-depressants during pregnancy.  And questions about the safety of using anti-depressants in adolescence.  Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers....more

I'm so sorry for your loss...I can't even imagine.  Thanks for sharing your story, it's ...more