BlogHer of the Week: Not Calm (dot com)

Here on BlogHer we have lots of discussions of the pressures women are under. Some of it from the the outside, and a lot of it from the inside. It's amazing the hoops we ask ourselves to jump through, leaving aside the pressures from our families, our employers, media messages, and the infamous "they". As in "they say"....more

Great post from a great blog.  I love Jen!


Enough Halloween Spirit for Everybody

Grammy and Papa drove over two rivers and through the woods to be at our house every Halloween that I can remember growing up. We would gather for a somewhat fancy family dinner, my sister and I keeping our eyes on the clock throughout the meal, not wanting to be a minute late for trick-or-treating. For one of those suppers, my mother took an adventurous culinary left turn, serving a meatloaf that featured a bright orange carrot mash rolled up into its center a la an autumnal buche de noel....more

This blog is intended to let men in on some of the ways women like to manipulate situations to work in their favor. It allows men to see how "evil" even the sweetest girl can be. Yes, I am a woman and I am willing to honestly talk about our ways, while most women would rather deny the truth. Yes men, tears can be fake......more

Preventing Reproductive Health Services at All Costs

Every year, Planned Parenthood offers services to more than five million men, women, and adolescents. In that year, they offer nearly one million Pap tests and more than 850,000 breast exams, provide provides more than 3.3 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, and estimate that their services prevent as many as 621,000 unintended pregnancies. Many locations offer prenatal and postpartum care. In addition, they offer safe, affordable abortions. ...more

I use to think P.P. helped out poor women and minorities and recently I began to look at ...more

Why We All Need To Worry About The Flu, And Some Of Us More Than Others

You have to look out for the flu, do you hear me? You, and everyone you know. That may or may not mean getting a flu shot - more on that below - but either way, watch for it, cover your mouth, wash your hands, see the doctor... do whatever it takes to contain it. Especially if you are pregnant, or know someone pregnant, or might possibly one of these days sneeze on someone who is pregnant. Because those someones? Their lives - and the lives of their babies - depend on it....more

I'm almost 6 months pregnant and my husband got the flu about 2 months ago.  About 6 ...more

And They Never Had Sex Again: (Our Non-Existent) Sex Life After Baby

Shortly after I learned I was pregnant, I went to a party where I ran into a first-time mom bouncing her infant in her lap. I asked her how things were going. She replied with a slightly manic expression and an air of triumph: "I made eggs today!" I didn't really understand. Eggs? Is having a baby really that hard? Certainly not. Certainly it would be different for me. Right? I simply couldn't fathom ever being so all-consumed by a baby as to be triumphant about eggs. Since my child was born in early July, I've had sex with my husband precisely twice. ...more

Thank you so much for writing this!  I have a 4 month old daughter and even when we have ...more

Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? News, Reviews, Readings and Book Giveaways!

We've been mighty busy with the book launch over here! In case you missed any of the action, here's a quick roundup:Win a copy of Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? There are two book giveaways running right now. Go throw your name in the hat!...more

Soft-bellied Woman

One of the many things that distinguished Nanny from all the other grandmothers in the world was her belly. Nanny's arms and legs were really skinny but she had this belly. It wasn't large but it was soft and a little rounded. And every once in awhile, she'd flash it at us. Yup. Nanny was nothing if not mischievous. And, at some point in her hard-working adult life, she had herniated her belly button. I never knew how. Pushing furniture around? Gardening?...more

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I'm asking everyone if they could light a candle at 7:00 pm tonight and leave it lit for an hour. That candle will represent all the babies who have become angels to soon. I personally have three little angels. Please help us remember....more

Abortion, Contraception: Women's Lives Are At Stake. Shouldn't We Rally Around Saving Them? (Yes, You Too, Church! YOU HEARD ME)

It might sound counter-intuitive to say that abortion rights are a maternal health issue - after all, abortion does, in a (contestable) manner of speaking, prevent motherhood....more