Babies come out of where?! Explaining childbirth to kids

I was due to give birth to my son when my daughter Ava was 2 1/2 years old. Since my husband and I were planning a home birth, we felt it was important to discuss with Ava how the baby would be born. Because she would be within earshot if not in the room when Julian was born, I wanted her to know what she may see as well as hear. ...more

I totally agree that any child who asks you this question is definitely old enough to know ...more

Women Who Litter

Why new moms can’t be anywhere on time

  Why new moms can't be anywhere on time...   1. We forget something essential for leaving the house with baby (such as the bottle, pacifier, formula, diapers..) and have to go back and get it 2. Everything is packed and ready to go, baby looks look again and baby just pooped or spit up all over the place ...more

My Kid Has to Sit in a Car Seat for How Long?

One of my co-workers was looking into convertible car seats the other day. She asked me my opinion about car seats, and boy, was she in for it. My daughter, who's now a svelte five-year-old, was such a large baby that she grew out of her carrying-case car seat (you know, the infant kind you lug around, giving yourself permanent back pain?) when she was four months old. You heard me right. ...more
Great post! I believe many parents like me encounter such cases. Thanks for sharing your ...more

Active Supervision, the Unsung Hero

Ask 100 parents if they supervise their kids, and I bet every last one will say they do.However, as someone who works in public health and child safety, my lie detector would start beeping immediately. I know better. ...more

September Giveaway: Name My Minivan to Win Stuff From Japan

I’m excited to announce that the monthly giveaway of care packages from Japan has officially begun on my blog! (If you're new to my blog, Welcome! ) Why I am I doing this? Because there are way too many awesome things here in Japan to hoard to myself. I had to find a way to share! ...more

A Mom with PPD Debates Having Another Baby

By Karen Bannister From The Momoir Project Blog @ ...more

All Your Milk Are Belong To Us: Breastfeeding is not connected to pregnancy! Who knew!

Who knew!? You know, I've been pregnant three times, gave birth to live, healthy babies three times and nursed each of my three babies.  If breastfeeding my babies was not related to pregnancy, someone tell me what was going on with my body, k? Kate Harding at has an excellent take-down and analysis of this gobsmackingly narrow decision regarding Totes/Isotoner's pregnancy discrimination that defies common sense. ...more

I agree with you, Jill, that the problem is what to do now, after the Ohio Supreme ...more

The big SIGG BPA letdown

Water bottle manufacturer SIGG has found themselves in the hot seat recently after they revealed that their bottles, which many environmentally-aware, health-conscious consumers and parents fell in love with, have actually contained bisphenol-A (BPA) all along. SIGG claims they never said their bottles were BPA-free, but only that they "did not leach BPA." ...more

Ugh, that's disheartening to hear. I hate it when companies prove to be misleading dickheads. ...more

Is Public Education Socialism or Why Should I Pay For Your Child?

I double checked my copy of the Constitution from the ACLU and my copy from the Cato Institute. Education is not mentioned. There is no constitutional reason for the federal government to provide education to anybody. It is not in the Amendments either. ...more

I'm also a big public school advocate. (went to them, taught in them, have a kid in them.) It ...more