Greetings and Salutations

I just wanted to take a moment and do my first BlogHer blog post. Tell you a little about myself. I'm the mother of three beautiful children and currently a SAHM. I was a full-time working mom up until December 31, 2008 but now I'm back at home with the kiddos. I have so many interests and things I enjoy, that it would most likely take me an hour to cover them all! I won't bore you with all the details though and just give you a few highlights. ...more

Married Single Parents & The Solo Parenting Crisis

The 2005 supplement to the US Census reported that for the first time in modern history, households headed by singles now outnumber married couples.  What's more, almost a third of American children are being raised in unmarried homes.  In practical terms, single parenthood is no longer sheathed in secrecy.  That means that single parents—either by choice, divorce or widowhood—can actively seek out the help and support that they need to successfully parent their ...more

I had one of those marriages, now I divorced and still doing it all on my own, but without ...more


Me: I can't believe she can't fu*king read!!Kayla: Fu*king read!Me: *buries head in my hands* Did she just say what I think she said?Rudy: Yup. Nice job Mom. Thanks to me my 2 year old daughter said her first swear word yesterday. I wish I could say it could be worse, but fu*king is about as bad as it gets. In my pitiful defense I was ... Click here to read the rest of this blog on ...more

Sunday is a three ring circus...

It’s Sunday and we’ve survived the day.  It’s a miracle that we even get to church at all considering the craziness that ensues every Sunday morning.  My husband is back from his business trip and we are trying to get back to “normal.”  Normal means going to church on Sunday, including Sunday School.  When people see us unload our crew from our minivan on Sunday morning, we are a frazzeled bunch.   I half jokingly tell people that it’s a three ring circus at our home on Sunday.  Today went something like this: ...more

Triumphant VBAC'ing -- Against the Odds

***Disclaimer - This is incredibly long and detailed, but I hope that the following story could serve as a bit of inspiration to any woman who ever finds herself in my situation. ...more



First off, I was nominated for Mormon Mommy Blog of the Month and I'm so excited and honored! Especially since I'm not even a mom yet and I blog about "my journey toward motherhood." I'm a new blogging like this, I just started a couple of months ago so I really don't have much of a following yet but I'd love it if you checked it out and voted for me here. ...more

Wow!! Your comment made my day! Thanks so much for voting! And for the link to your blog! ...more

About Hair--the Gray Kind

While with my seven sisters last month, I realized that several of us are thinking about our hair in a different way. Why? Probably because we're all over 40 (and over 50) now. We're not man-hunting, we don't have anyone to impress, and we are looking for simple, cost-effective, real hair. ...more

I am the only one in my family to let Miss Clairol and Dark and Lovely leave my life.  I just ...more

Scare of my life

I have just had one of the scares of my life. ...more

Raising Problem Solvers

Someday, when I am long gone, and my children are sitting around reminiscing about me, there are (I hope!) many good things they'll remember.  But I wonder if, toward the top of the list, they will laugh and recite the sentence they have heard me say so many times that I've wondered if we should just paint it on the wall:  Be a problem solver. ...more

Rachelle Hughes, freelance ...more