Sunbathing naked on an unfinished wooden deck

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Housewifey Holla

Check out my blog: My blog is about lots of topics, read my take on being a SAHM, raising kids, being married and of course a "houswifey". I also give my thoughts on entertainment, celebrities, news and more with a hip somewhat urban approach. I like to think I'll bring a little flavor to everday topics, and spice things up a bit. Hope you check it out, HOLLA!   ...more

Transgendered Children

At BlogHer09, I sat down to lunch with friends in the basement of the Sheraton. A little later we were joined by a slim woman with short hair. She introduced herself, and we started talking about eco-stuff, as she is an eco blogger. Then I sort of faded out of the conversation and snapped back in when she mentioned she is the parent of a transgendered child. A very young transgendered child. I had to pause and shake off my initial thought, which I admit was, "but what if it's just a phase?" I might have said it. I hope I didn't. I'm sure Jen Khatchatrian hears that all the time. And before you click away from this post because it's off my normal beat, pull up a chair at this lunch table and join me to listen. ...more
Tonight the writer's group I belong to had a wonderful guest speaker, Jamie Johnson, who has ...more

24 Days Old -Easier than 24 Years?

My friend adopted her first baby.  My baby just moved out and started law school.   We both have sleepless nights.  We both worry about our girls' futures.   We both stare at our daughters pictures online; my friend trying to decide which to send off to friends, me looking at postings she has shared with me on Facebook. We both worry about our daughters savings accounts and how the current economy might affect them. And we both want the everything in the world for them. ...more

Blanket and Beyond: What's Your Nickname?

My given name is Laurie (rhymes with "sorry", technically) to most people, much to the horror of the priest who baptized me and my third grade teacher Sister Patricia because although I was not named after a Partridge Family character it's still not a saint's name so basically to them I was Laurence. It's "Yo" and "hey" and increasingly, horribly, "Ma'am" to many more. Some people in a far off land I occasionally inhabit call me "Professor," that is when they're not calling me "Yo." Go ahead. Laugh. I do. ...more

I have had many names through the years. Some I embraced, others I fought against and some I ...more

Fear of Fear

What would we do if we weren’t afraid?   Are we better off accepting our fear, knowing we’ll live with it forever?  Or should we try to ignore it? Have you seen some of the self-help literature about dealing with fear, especially the tips for people who have to do something in public that they’d rather not do - say a shy person making a speech?  One suggestion says acknowledge the fear, addressing it directly, and I picture this conversation: ...more

football playing girls

my kid went and got all her football gear yesterday. yes i said her. she will be playing on our towns youth football league. a league that primes players for jr high and highschool. we are a football lovin town, and our teams have won championship games that forged dreams for smalltown players to go on to bigger and better things. with that being said my girl is one of two or three girls that will play this year. will she play in highschool or is this just an adolescent girls desire to play with the boys? ...more

1st boy she made cry today at scrimmage game. my girl can hold her own she rocks!more

I got a call from the White House

Sunday night, I got a call from the White House...well, the Portsmouth Staffer on behalf of the White House. ...more

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Is a Fairy Tale a love story?

Fairytales wind deeply through the very fabric of my family.  Almost as deeply as the constant love song of food, cooking and recipes. ...more

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Mending Fences

As children, we grow up with our siblings and friends. We go to school, play in the schoolyard or park, and have play-dates in the houses of our schoolmates. For many it is a carefree environment filled with fun and adventure. By the time I was 10 years old, that carefree attitude ended. My mother thought I was old enough to walk my seven and a half year old brother to school by myself. It was only a five-block walk and, according to mom, there would be other moms walking their kids to school that knew both of us. ...more