They've turned against me

Their sweet faces, innocent smiles, pleading eyes, sweet smelling hair: they are the girls in my life, the rulers of our domain, the queens of this castle. How did I go from alpha mom to throwing up my arms and letting the little beastys roam free? #1 was sweet, responsible, willing to lend a helping hand where ever it was needed. Now that summer vacation is underway, she's restless, moody and complains 24/7. Do 8 year olds get pre-PMS? ...more

Religion at my home is always an interesting topic

Forgive me as I repeat a story some of you may have heard, but it still makes me smile to this day and yesterday Greg said something that reminded me of it again. ...more

A Grocery Store Tale~Crazy Woman Takes her 4 Small Children Shopping

This is a tale of a crazy woman (me) who takes her four small children to the grocery store. Part One - Peeping Tom ...more

Dandelion Gifts: Keeping Short-Stemmed Flowers

Reposted from ...more

Troublesome Phases of Raising Twin Toddlers

It's interesting as my husband Rick and I go through raising our first children, who happen to be fraternal twins, that every corner we turn causes a new moment for pause. Our girls, who turned three in December of 2008, have now decided they have their own opinions about things and would much rather keep their own opinions and not accept ours. Which is fine to a certain extent, we want our children to be independent free thinkers, but when it comes to safety and discipline - their opinions should be set aside, for now. In our house safety is not an option, it's a rule. ...more

The Journey - the Inspirational Story of a 25 Week Old Preemie

 “Beep, beep, beep…” The noise again startled me. It’s probably just another false alarm, I thought as I raised my dark, anxious eyes to survey the green, digital numbers on the white machine that monitored my mother and the small baby still inside her. What I saw made my heart sink. Something is definitely wrong. ...more

Thank you for you sweet comment! I am so glad that you enjoyed this story! It is amazing to ...more

Words Can Paint A Thousand Pictures

With the school year ending, creating a word-cloud for your child at can help you express the personal growth you’ve seen in them this year and affirm his/her efforts. Best of all—it’s free! ...more

Have Books, Will Travel - Reading Road Trip Across America

One of the greatest things about reading is that it can take you virtually anywhere without ever having to leave your house (or library or park bench or wherever you happen to find yourself.) An equally great thing is to be inspired to go and see the places described in books - to use them as inspiration for seeking out these places beyond their pages.   ...more

Shut up. ;) I'm half an hour away when there's no traffic, (the DC-area dream. ;)) and we are ...more

Young Women Need to Be Selective not Selected

As you know, if you’ve read my very first post, that I share joint custody of my two girls with my ex.  Just recently, the jerk that is my ex husband decided to quit working so that his parenting time wouldn’t be reduced to only weekends.  This resulted in the judge ’awarding’ us 50/50 parenting time.  So now, I have the girls from Saturday to Wednesday (4 nights) and he has Wednesday to Saturday (3 nights).  ...more

Great post and good reminders, although I disagree about not marrying in your 20s... I ...more

Just Like Heaven

Parenting is hard. ...more