Could Glutathione Help Your Child's Autistic Symptoms?

Before we dive into how you can supercharge your child’s waste removal system and actually improve their autistic symptoms, I want to highlight something.In the last couple weeks, we’ve published other articles showing how certain supplements and diet changes can help improve your child’s autistic symptoms. If you want the best results for your child, these different strategies actually work best together....more

How People Around the World Define Autism

Autism seems almost too complex to define. It is difficult to put words into a huge term. I have heard many sources incorrectly define the term, most stating usual stereotypes. Many people I spoke with were unable to define the term, stating that was too difficult of something to define....more

Could a weighted blanket help your child sleep? A look at the science

When it comes to raising a child with autism, it's often overwhelming on what you should be focusing on. There are different types of therapies, different products to buy, and different strategies to use at home. Often times, it's best to look for just a few things that have the biggest impact on your child's health and happiness ...more

I Called the Police for My Own Son...and I'm a Good Mom

For years I lived in horror at the thought that I would ever have to call the police for one of my own children.This is the type of thing that happened to Jerry Springer families, drug dealers and gang members, but certainly not to me, a typical 40-year-old mom in middle-class suburbia.But it does and I have.I’ve called the police for one of my own children multiple times, and would do it again if I had to....more

WE are Dory's Mom

I took my three kids to the movies this weekend for their first theater experience. Many of you obviously did the same, considering Pixar’s newest film, Finding Dory, earned more than $136 million in three days.As I sat and watched America’s favorite ocean animals zip across the screen, I settled into what I thought would be pure entertainment for our family; I certainly wasn’t prepared when the movie turned into a support group session for me....more

Adoption Has Ruined My Life

I'm "that Mom"Adoption has ruined my life.  Yes, I said that out loud....more

Can We Quit It With the 'Short Bus' Insult?

I could have titled this, "How you may be hurting people and not even realizing it". After feeling hurt by something a friend said, and wondering if I was being too sensitive, I put my Google-fu to use and found others who feel as I do. The general consensus is: Quit using the "short bus" as an insult. It's insensitive. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more
I read this because the term deeply offends me, and I found what I hoped I'd find. I found ...more


 I am pleased to we...more

Hospital visit with my kid with Special Needs

A sick child is always the mother's property; her own feelings generally make it so. Jane Austen...more