If You Want to Know How to Treat a Child With Autism...

My nephew, Karson, is just nine months older than Brandon.  When they were both babies, this was a huge age difference.  When Brandon was just born, Karson was already crawling around.  When Brandon was just a few months old, Karson was walking and saying a few words.  Karson was always way ahead of Brandon, but that was to be expected.  There is a a major difference between, say, a 6-month-old and 15-month-old....more

Why I Used to Cringe at the word "Autistic," and Why I Don't Anymore

I used to cringe at the word autistic.   I hated that word....more

How Did You Know He Has Autism?

The most common question people ask me is this: How did you know he has autism?  This is an understandable question.  Most people are pretty unfamiliar with what autism is - thus, my blog.  Brandon doesn’t have any physical characteristics of a disability....more

I Cheated Today: A Lighthearted Story About Trusting Your Instincts

I totally cheated at nap time today.  I snuggled Brandon in his bed until he feel asleep.  Will I pay for it tomorrow?  Possibly.  He may decide that he doesn't want to take a nap because he wants Mommy to lay with him again.  But, I have to trust my instincts, and mine told me it was okay to bend the rules today....more

Inside that Special Needs Village: whom to listen to and whom to ignore

Since we are going to be spending time discussing how to handle your child's special needs village I have decided to create a list of personnel that are essential to a well functioning machine. I have found that at any given time I have had at least half of this list (at times in life almost the entire list in fact) working in concert making certain that the boys functioned to the best of their ability. By the way the list is as valid today, for my young-men, as when they were in pre-school : YOUPsychiatrist...more

I love you and that will be enough to fix this

Tonight I am defeated, just a lump on the bathroom floor choking on my own tears while softly lit by an owl nightlight. How did I get here? It all begins with Ryan winning a goldfish at a carnival. Just a two-inch long goldfish in a small bowl with rocks. We just had to drive home with said goldfish. Every bump in the road invoked a fear in Ryan that was palpable. “Don’t turn so hard! He’s going to die! Mama, he’s dying! There’s no water!!” He screamed and cried his fear for 20 minutes. So convinced that this fish he was entrusted with keeping alive was sure to die....more

What I have learned in my 34 years.

What I have learned in my 34 years…… I am only 34, I don’t have 70 years of life behind me to push my advice. What I do have is 34 years of a lot of living, a lot of traveling, a lot of mistakes made and a lot of learning from them. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek I am sharing what I have learned in this life.-If you cannot laugh at yourself then you are missing out on a wonderful part of life. Everyone else will laugh at you from time to time, might as well own it....more

2014; A year of heartbreak, liars, stress, terror and what every year will be measured against.

2014; a year of heartbreak, fear, stress, liars and what every other year will be measured against....more

Through the Eyes of a Little Boy with Autism

My mom loves me.  Even when I kick and scream, refuse to eat, or try to hurt myself when I’m mad.  One time right before bed I slapped her right across her face.  She didn’t get mad or yell though.  She told me “no” and put my hands by my side.  She still snuggled with me and read my books to me....more