WE are Dory's Mom

I took my three kids to the movies this weekend for their first theater experience. Many of you obviously did the same, considering Pixar’s newest film, Finding Dory, earned more than $136 million in three days.As I sat and watched America’s favorite ocean animals zip across the screen, I settled into what I thought would be pure entertainment for our family; I certainly wasn’t prepared when the movie turned into a support group session for me....more

Adoption Has Ruined My Life

I'm "that Mom"Adoption has ruined my life.  Yes, I said that out loud....more

Can We Quit It With the 'Short Bus' Insult?

I could have titled this, "How you may be hurting people and not even realizing it". After feeling hurt by something a friend said, and wondering if I was being too sensitive, I put my Google-fu to use and found others who feel as I do. The general consensus is: Quit using the "short bus" as an insult. It's insensitive. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more
I read this because the term deeply offends me, and I found what I hoped I'd find. I found ...more


 I am pleased to we...more

Hospital visit with my kid with Special Needs

A sick child is always the mother's property; her own feelings generally make it so. Jane Austen...more

On parenting a child with special needs – Today isn’t your tomorrow

Raising a child with special needs is as much similar to raising a typical child as it is different.  Every parent wants the best for their kids.  We all worry about their future, their safety and what life will be like for them once we are no longer here to protect them.  These are all common concerns we have as parents....more
triciaharris wonderfully said \U0001f49cmore

Random Acts of Kindness Week is Here: Pay It Forward To Others with Chronic Illness

Would you like to know you made a difference or truly positive impact in someone’s life? By practicing random acts of kindness, and paying it forward, you can do just that. This is especially true and appreciated in healthcare — it can positively impact a patient’s day, treatment, and overall disposition....more

10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Child's IEP Meeting

Do you attend IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) or Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings for your child?While many parents feel okay, content, or even thrilled with the way these meetings go, others find them incredibly stressful. They may feel confused, angry, or upset about the way they unfold....more
sfleming24 Thanks for your comment. I agree that meetings often bounce around. I agree that it's ...more

Left Handed

Josie tried to convince the aide at Religious Education that she wrote with her left hand.With 35 years teaching experience behind her, she could not be swayed. Josie is clearly right handed. My girl let her stubborn streak show as she argued, “My teachers make me use my left hand at school.”...more