Angel Wings

I sit at my computer deleting e-mails I won't have time to read today, including one from my Down syndrome support group with the subject heading "New Testing for DS."***...more

Children with autism who undergo early intervention show major brain changes

New research shows good news for children on the autism spectrum. Early intervention through "pivotal response treatment" can increase brain function, advance communication abilities and improve behavior.So what is pivotal response treatment? Here's what I know:- Developed at the Univ. of CA - Santa Barbara- Incorporates learning and developmental factors- easy to use, even with kids under 2- requires parental involvement- includes "play" situations...more

NY Times article on "The Brain Trainers" about raising IQ

Interesting piece on brain training (on computers and in one-on-one cognitive skills training programs):

"Why Does It Take Your Kid So Long to Get on the Bus?"

It's 6:45 AM on any given school day. We're standing in our driveway, my boy in my arms as always, a Thomas backpack slung over his diminutive shoulders. He's staring at his timer with the weight of the world and its worries far from his consciousness....more
Your ability to keep your cool is impressive!  I would like to say I am able to keep my ...more

Mom & Certified Financial Planner focusing SOLELY on serving families with special needs members

This isn't an endorsement. I don't know this woman and I've never worked with her. But when I ran across her site and saw that her daughter Ellie was born with special needs, and that she is a Certified Financial Planner (since 1992) focusing solely on serving families with special needs, I wanted to post a link. Awesome. Maedi Tanham Carney of M & L Special Needs Planning:

To Walk or Not to Walk

This was my scene the first Friday in June. It was the last day of school for my girls and O and I were going to watch them both perform in the school's talent show. He and I had talked about our day, what we would be doing and in what order. I had also prepared a bag (my large pink one) with enough snacks, drinks and activities to last us through the two hours we would be outside at the school. In my mind, we were ready. ...more

Kids with ADHD do better in school after 20 minutes of exercise

A new study published in the "Journal of Pediatrics" says that kids with ADHD focus better and are less distracted after 20 minutes of exercise.In the study, kids with ADHD (between ages 8 and 10) who walked briskly on a treadmill for 20 minutes performed better on a computer game than they did without the exercise first. The kids with ADHD were able to slow down after making a mistake and focused better than without exercising first.Here's the study:

One mom's experience with brain training

I did a session of one-on-one intensive brain training today and it was awesome! It was my first time going through it, though I'd been researching and writing about the concept for ages. I'd heard lots of stories from other people about how great it worked for their kids, soldier husbands with TBI and a mom with memory problems.The two things that surprised me the most?1. How fun it was2. That I could actually feel my brain working!...more

An amazing discovery in autism: neuronal circuits can be reversed!

This is huge. It has the potential to change a lot of what we can do to help address the cause of some symptoms of autism....more

Please Don't Post Those Inspirational Photos of People with Disabilities

I love thus post! And I agree. "Inspiration porn" memes are condescending and pitying. I don't ...more