I love you and that will be enough to fix this

Tonight I am defeated, just a lump on the bathroom floor choking on my own tears while softly lit by an owl nightlight. How did I get here? It all begins with Ryan winning a goldfish at a carnival. Just a two-inch long goldfish in a small bowl with rocks. We just had to drive home with said goldfish. Every bump in the road invoked a fear in Ryan that was palpable. “Don’t turn so hard! He’s going to die! Mama, he’s dying! There’s no water!!” He screamed and cried his fear for 20 minutes. So convinced that this fish he was entrusted with keeping alive was sure to die....more

What I have learned in my 34 years.

What I have learned in my 34 years…… I am only 34, I don’t have 70 years of life behind me to push my advice. What I do have is 34 years of a lot of living, a lot of traveling, a lot of mistakes made and a lot of learning from them. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek I am sharing what I have learned in this life.-If you cannot laugh at yourself then you are missing out on a wonderful part of life. Everyone else will laugh at you from time to time, might as well own it....more

2014; A year of heartbreak, liars, stress, terror and what every year will be measured against.

2014; a year of heartbreak, fear, stress, liars and what every other year will be measured against....more

Through the Eyes of a Little Boy with Autism

My mom loves me.  Even when I kick and scream, refuse to eat, or try to hurt myself when I’m mad.  One time right before bed I slapped her right across her face.  She didn’t get mad or yell though.  She told me “no” and put my hands by my side.  She still snuggled with me and read my books to me....more

Our autism journey to a big boy bed

Brandon is three.  He has been in a crib up until about a month after his third brithday.  This is fairly old to still be in a crib.  He's had the ability to climb out of his crib for more than two years before we made the switch.  He loved his crib, and bedtime was easy peasy for me, so we went with it!  He climbed out a couple times, but that was a very rare occurance.  As active, strong, and athletic as he is, he stayed in the crib....more

One the Phone at the Park...Yeah Right

I’ve seen a lot of chatter recently about cell phones, and the call to action for parents to get off their phones, as quality time with their kids is a blur around them.  It’s funny, there are so many things that being a special needs parent changes.  When asked to think of something of the top of my head, I always pause.  Maybe it’s just because there are so many, it’s hard to know where to start.  How about this.  Just name something you do with your kid, and I’ll tell you how it’s different for me…how it requires accommodations, extra planning, or all-together av...more

5 Things Every New Autism Mom Should Know

There are tons of blog posts out there for autism like… "Things Not to Say to an Autism Parent," or "10 Things You Didn’t Know About Autism," or "10 Things You Should Know About Autism."  This post is about the brand new Autism Mom (or Dad!) who just got her world rocked.  There are a million things to know.  I have narrowed it down to 5 Things Every New Autism Mom Should Know.  Now, that’s a new one!  Having a child diagnosed with autism is overwhelming to say the least.  Here are a few things to get the new Au...more

Exclusion Rips My Heart Out

 I sit at the kitchen table. Peeling and slicing apples for pie. Liamis in the other room, happily playing games on the computer.He's quiet. He's happy. I'm enjoying the "down" time. I gaze out the window at the freshly falling snow. I admire the beauty...more

Dear Good Samaritan: You Save Christmas Every Year

Dear Good Samaritan, let me start by introducing myself: My name is Courtney. My husband and I have an 8-year-old son with autism and then some. Our little boy struggles with more labels than a clearance item, I have many chronic illnesses and my husband has more metal in his body than bones. ...more
derailed thank you! and thank you for reaching out to help someone in need <3more

National Wobbly Wednesday For Nystagmus

Wobbly Wednesday is here. Nystagmus is a bounce of the eyes. This is a side effect but is not exclusive to albinism. It has been described similar to having ADD because the frequent bounce makes it harder to focus. There are ways to combat nystagmus to increase focus....more