From Few Words to One Kvetchy Kid

I remember when collegeman was little and I had decided to return to work. The only problem was that I had wanted him to talk to me about his day before I would apply for a job. While I knew that most nannies are good people and take their jobs of care seriously there is always that one individual who gives you nightmares. And yes they did play it up on the news but, why take a chance. Why have to put in nanny cams and security programs so you can go and earn a few extra dollars? The truth is that the sojourn into the world of work did not happen, because collegeman did not talk....more

The World at Our Fingertips: Finding a Link to Another Attorney/Mom/Blogger

Our world is getting smaller all the time....more

Blogging's All in the Family

Ok, so this maybe cheating a little, but, today my 13 year old son joined the ranks of those of us writing about what we care about on the internet.  I am beyond proud of him.  Maybe I'll start having him "guest post" on my blog :)

The iPad: a Near-Miracle for My Son With Autism

My son Leo's life was transformed when a five-dollar raffle ticket turned into a brand-new iPad. I'm not exaggerating. Before the iPad, Leo's autism made him dependent on others for entertainment, play, learning, and communication. With the iPad, Leo electrifies the air around him with independence and daily new skills. People who know Leo are amazed when they see this new boy rocking that iPad. I'm impressed, too, especially when our aggressively food-obsessed boy chooses to play with his iPad rather than eat. I don't usually dabble in miracle-speak, but I may erect a tiny altar to Steve Jobs in the corner of our living room....more
Hello Shannon! I just found your blog and seen the story about Leo and his iPad. I have a 12 ...more

OK, A Rant

Society is getting nastier and nastier. There was a time when it was OK to have a special needs child in society. The number of persons who resented your child getting an education had dissipated and your child had been welcome into the fold. But lately, as the economy worsens and cuts have to be made to school budgets all over the country the powers that be are targeting special needs programs....more


In the last few weeks I have read a variety of posts and opinions on families with children with special needs.  Parents of these kids have an entirely different set of issues to deal with.  There is a sub-set of these families, of which I think mine belongs to, that seems to get lost and forgotten....more

Of Brain Scans, Therapy and the Right to Dream

I have to tell everyone that I generally stay away from too many controversial issues surrounding autism and its causes. I for one do not think vaccines caused my children’s autism....more

Absolutely Critical: How to Plan for the Future for Your Child With Special Needs

A lot of us like to put our hands over our ears and shout LA LA LA LA LA when asked to think about formulating a life care plan, because that means we're envisioning our children with special needs having a future without us at their side. ...more

I think one of the best things we could do at our house is remove the emotional part of all of ...more

A Gifted Child with a Glitch in His System

I consider it a privilege and an honor to homeschool my son. I can clearly see all the unique gifts God has given him. I received an e-mail from a friend on the journey who is also homeschooling her son. She put it so perfectly when she said, " I see I'm doing it more because of my son's talents rather than any of his issues. The school...couldn't nurture his intellect in a way that was meaningful....more

The Horse Boy's Kristin Neff on Autism and Self-Compassion

When my friend Amanda pressed The Horse Boy into my hands, I flinched. I'd heard it was yet another Miracle Autism Cure book, and I was all done with cure talk. But she persevered: "It's not about a cure, it's about healing!" My eyes narrowed. ...more

Wow. This is the ultimate truth, isn't it: "I think autism breaks open your heart. The big ...more