Multiple baby cute overload!

This week I'd like to highlight some of the bloggers in our network who write about parenting twins, triplets, quadruplets or quintuplets. I looked at over 100 blogs by parents of twins and more. By the end of the day it was like complete overload! In fact I kept thinking of the Rules of Cuteness, like "A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute." My new rule: a small child, accompanied by one or more siblings of the same age, is always cute! ...more

In my case you are certainly right that the old expression "it takes a village..." is true. ...more

The Message in Your Way

Today i would like to address you, the parent, the caregiver, the person who carries the burden on your shoulders of a child out of sync with the universe. How do you handle the day to day grind of helping your child fit in and understand this world that is so alien to them. How do you teach them what it takes to belong and what it takes to just be happy in life?...more

Having a Merry But Modified Halloween

Halloween should not be a time for parents of kids with special needs to dwell on Ghosts-of-Halloween-Past or Ghosts-of-Halloween-That-Might-Have-Been, because there's far too much fun to be had. We do, however, need to approach Halloween with clear-headed creativity and flexibility, and prioritize our kids' needs and stamina. So, if you're in the market for Halloweening advice, let me dump some on your head, courtesy of personal experience, friends' adventures, the Internet, and the Twitterverse....more

I went to a neighborhood halloween party where a boy in a wheelchair had an Emeril costume, ...more

Family Holiday Project: Volunteer to be an Elf to a Sick Child!

**November Deadline to join in on the fun! With the holiday season fast approaching, I wanted to tell you about an organization I volunteer for each year. It's called Hugs & Hope! ...more

Egg and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie!

I couldn't believe how easy this was!All I did was substitute the evaporated milk in the pumpkin pie can recipe with rice milk and used an egg substitution powder for the eggs.  I had to add some extra flour to get the right consistency and cook the pie for about 20 minutes longer - just watch it and poke it often to not over-cook it.  I always add tons of cinnamon and nutmeg for great flavor - cloves are good too.  I discovered that Pillsbury pie crusts do not have dairy in them - at least right now -...more

You, the Intenet and Connections

I was thinking about the internet and how wonderful it is. When my journey into the world of autism started there were no outlets for parents. There were minimal support groups and quite frankly no information out there to help in your child's quest. I had learned to keep to myself and share my problems with very few. We had been rejected and my son abused by the school system we had lived in so we moved. We had no idea of our rights and the school districts obligations to our child....more

Wal-Mart, Our Surprise Salvation, Part II

(The continuation of Dr. Patricia Allen's proposal that Wal-Mart administer the public option in health care reform. The first part is here.) Never one to shrink from audacity, Dr Pat, our Medical Mentor and Wise Woman called for recognition that Wal-Mart can be the solution to our health care crisis yesterday. Here is Part II of her compelling argument that Wal-Mart could actually make America healthier. ...more

Autism Science Foundation President Alison Singer Speaks

Autism Science Foundation president Alison Singer is well known in the autism community for her formative role at Autism Speaks, for her controversial participation in their Autism Every Day video, and for leaving Autism Speaks to found the Autism Science Foundation. ...more

Shannon, thank you so much for this interview. I am often bewildered by the way autism has ...more

When the Best Place for Children Is Not With Their Mother

I can't stop thinking about the story of Anita Tedaldi, who, after eighteen months of mothering an adopted special needs son, decided that the best place for her son was with another family. Anita's story hits me in two of my tenderest spots -- as the mother of a son with special needs, and as a birth mother who placed her first son in his adoptive parents' hands almost twenty years ago. ...more

Well written. I is so difficult because unless we are in her shoes we don't know exactly what ...more

À AIMER: The Joys of Getting Sick in France, Part Four

 Today the Washington Post reported that the Senate Finance Committee's health care reform bill, if passed, "would require people to buy insurance or face penalties ranging up to $1,900, to be assessed on their income tax returns."...more