Interview: Autism Parent Jean Winegardner of Stimeyland

Jean Winegardner, a.k.a. Stimey, is a mother to three boys, one of whom -- Jack -- has an autism diagnosis. She is empathetic, endlessly entertaining, and a fine writer. Many autism parenting bloggers identify with Jean, and feel about her the way the younger sister felt about Julia Roberts' character in the movie Notting Hill -- that she is destined to be Our Very Best Friend. Though Jean shares herself and her stories at DC Metro Moms Blog and Washington Times Communities as well as on her personal site Stimeyland, I know some of you want more. Read on. ...more

Jean, you are so articulate, smart, and thoughtful.

Thanks for the great interview, ...more

Did Autism Cleave Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy?

Gleeful tweets and DMs starting rolling onto my computer screen shortly after Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey announced their separation via Twitter. People wanted to know how I felt about the implosion of the Generation Rescue-fronting Hollywood couple's five-year relationship. Didn't I hate them? Wasn't I happy?...more

My son doesn't have autism, he has cerebral palsy. So I hope you don't mind my commenting on ...more

SAT, ACT, Accommodations and Asshats

Just when you think the world has mitigated its percentage of asshats you come across the most absurd stupidity you could even imagine. Ok, ok…as parents of autistic children we have our fill of morons on a daily basis sometimes, that it is true. But I am actually talking about those out there who are designated to help your child. Or so they say....more

Autism Awareness, Perspective Taking and Freedom

Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.                                        ...more

Perspectives Anthology

If you haven't heard, there is an anthology by the Long Island Examiner that is currently taking submissions. Their mission statement is...more

Putting All the Pieces Together: Ways You Can Support Autism Awareness, Plus a Supplementary Estate Planning Document

The other night when Dear Husband emerged from the Darling Boys' bedroom after the infinitely long process we like to call "bedtime," he looked at the living room and said to me, "It wasn't this messy when I went in." A...more

Frustration, Anxiety and Dysregulation

I have to tell you that no matter when you think you have every issue solved or every issue under control, Satan’s’ legion rears its ugly head and takes you on a tailspin, whirlwind dive head first into the eddy of “crap not again.” No it’s not so much that it’s something new, even though we do deal with new issues all the time, but t’s the overarching issue of helping the boys deal with the emotional output and stimuli that assaults them every day....more

Unicorns, Butterflies and Daffodils

Spring has sprung. The air is warmer. The grass is green again. The birds are chirping. You can hear the crickets and the frogs at night. You can smell the fresh flowers and the trees as they bloom. The ancient Greeks celebrated spring as the return of Persephone to the world of her mother Demeter. For as Persephone lived for six months out of every year in the underworld with Hades, Demeter in her despair left the Earth fallow and without any growth, warmth or nurture....more

schooling a special needs child

I'm the mama to two very special little girls. Gracie is three years old and Hanna is seventeen months. Hanna is legally blind. She also has Microcephaly, and the doctors can't quite pinpoint what is going on. She had an MRI to look for any brain abnormalities, and there were none. She's developing on track, and is doing wonderfully!...more