My Son Has Asperger's ... At Least Until 2013

My 10-year-old son chatters endlessly and laughs loudly and often and wrestles with his friends and snuggles with the dog and makes great eye contact and technically, yes, he is also autistic. ...more
Donna R, Im assuming you are in America because you refer to him being in '3rd grade'... I live ...more

Temple Grandin, the HBO Movie, and My Son

by Tamar Bihari This past weekend saw the cable TV premiere of a movie about animal behavior expert and autism advocate Temple Grandin. WVFC contributor Tamar Bihari writes about watching the film with her son, who had been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. ...more

Thank you for the story and the link to such a terrific ...more

Parenting Traumatized Children: Sometimes We Can Make It Worse

First and foremost, let me get something out of the way - PARENTING TRAUMATIZED CHILDREN IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT THINGS ANY HUMAN CAN BE REQUIRED TO DO - EVER. It is hard. It is hard. It is hard, and every single day you will discover that it is quite HARD!...more

It's just not possible to practice how you'll FEEL, and you could never put it into words and ...more

Are you a blogger?

Are you a blogger? That was the question that a friend of mine who O had not spoken to in forever asked me once we became friends on facebook. I had attempted My Space and am currently addicted to facebook, buit what sources are out there that you can vent- I mean really vent. Let's face it everyone and their mother is on facebook, in fact, my mother is on facebook. So, if I'm wanting to really freak out about in laws or crazy family members or husbands that act stupid what source is there?...more

A Verdict on the Vaccination Boogeyman

Have you ever wondered why, exactly, vaccines are erroneously associated with autism? I'll tell you: In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield held a press conference to announce that his research had revealed a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. He published his findings in the respected independent medical journal The Lancet, and spent the next few years promoting his vaccine-autism "concerns" through media outlets like the TV news magazine 60 Minutes....more

Great post!  No offense to any parents of children with autism, but I think some people ...more

Raising Kids With Trauma Bonds

Trauma bonds. Mmmmm. It's a phrase which warms the cockles of some of our hearts. *cough* Children who come from traumatic histories share a bond ... a trauma bond. For children who have lived together during that trauma, it can be even more pronounced. What does this mean - this "trauma bond" thing? ...more
I only wish we had met five years ago when our son came from Haiti post EQ. We had absolutely NO ...more

The Blessings that came with the use of Nintendo for our son with Special Needs

   A few years ago we purchased a Nintendo DS for our older son for Christmas. Little did we know that gift, would also become a gift for our younger son with special needs. He has Cerebral Palsy and was able to play the game to our surprise.  This helped him with his hand eye coordination.  His therapists both Physical & Occupational also recommended the use of Wii sports as a at home therapy....more

Winterproofing Kids Who Don't Get Cold

My son's internal thermostat is busted, which is not surprising; atypical sensory perceptions are common in but not limited to people with autism. Since Leo doesn't care about being cold and he's also sensitive to clothing textures, we've got ourselves a boy who prefers to be all naked, all the time -- and who, if we're not vigilant, frequently is....more

My son Jack has no thermometer.  He doesn't know if he's hot or cold.  But he gets ...more

Do special diets help autistic children? Absolutely!

I saw an article with the following headline, dated January 04, 2010: Journal Says No Proof Special Diets Help Autistic ChildrenHaving a child on the autistic spectrum, I can truly attest that this latest finding is infuriatingly shocking to me. I can only guess that it is inconclusive and nobody is willing to make a claim that they can't seem to find any hard proof to back it up with.Here's a portion of the article:...more

It Takes a Village to Create a Monster

My kindergartener Mali has become openly rude and defiant. To me, to other parents, to teachers, to other children. It's not just upsetting, it's horrifying. I blame you. ...more

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