Educating Your Special Needs Child

One of the major issues facing a parent of an autistic child is what type of schooling should the child have....more

A Mocking Compassion

This post originally was posted on my blog here on March 30, 2010 ...more

A Block to Autistic Self Advocacy

If you haven't already heard, a delay has happened in the confirmation of autistic self-advocate Ari Ne'eman's nomination to the National Council on Disability, the youngest nominee in US history. As Ari has demonstrated, age is not a barrier to experience....more

Bullies: Sound The Alarm

Bullies: Sound the Alarm  Is your child the target, the delinquent or the spectator?  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that suicide is the third leading cause of death in fifteen to twenty four year olds, surpassed only by accidents and homicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people aged 15 to 24 and the fourth leading cause of death for children between the ages of 10 and 14. ...more

The Proposed DSM-V Changes: Is it a Step in the Right Direction?

This was written by myself and Amy Caraballo for the Autism Women's Network. It is available on the AWN site here . The Proposed DSM-V Changes: Is it a Step in the Right Direction?  ...more

Interview: Susan Senator and The Autism Mom's Survival Guide

Did you know that autism parents can choose an identity other than Avenging Warrior or Martyr? That it is reasonable to aim for happy lives for us and our children, despite our kids' challenges? If this is news to you, then you need to read Susan Senator's forthcoming The Autism Mom's Survival Guide, A.S.A.P. ...more

Thank you both for sharing this story so honestly and openly. Looking forward to hearing Susan ...more

Tired of Being Tired

I have decided that I am tired of being tired. It’s not even that bone aching tired that you remember from parenting an infant. I would not even call it sleep deprived, even though as parents of autistic children we all know what it means when our children’s rhythms are off and they can’t sleep. ...more

You Have My Permission to Roadtrip Freely

Guilt doesn't just eat parents of kids with special needs alive -- it disembowels us, especially when we think about taking time for ourselves. How can we go away? What if we're the only ones who can take care of our kids' needs? Or our absence would be a very big change, and any change results in air raid siren-volume tantrums? Or we know so many other parents who never get a break, who have no ability to take a break, who need a break worse than we do? How can we even think of getting away when ours lives are so intertwined with our children's? How can we possibly be so self-indulgent, so cavalier? ...more

And I'm really glad you can get away with your husband. We're still trying to figure that one ...more

Gravity Pulls You In: An Interview With Kyra Anderson

Seven years ago, when my two-year-old son Leo was declared "autistic," it was difficult to find books about his many possible futures. The most popular 2003 autism books from parents' perspectives -- Catherine Maurice's Let Me Hear Your Voice, and Karyn Seroussi's Unraveling the Mystery of Autism -- were tales of hope, but also of autism conquered and cured....more

What a great interview!  Progress with respect to autism supports & services will ...more

"Got Milf? - A Mommalogue" by Sarah Maizes

"Got Milf?"  You should!  This is a link to the video of my performance of my "Mommalogue" (I made up that proud of it), which I performed for "Expressing Motherhood" here in LA last month.Send this video to your girlfriends, sisters, aunts (yes...maybe even your own mother) and let them know it's time for Milf's EVERYWHERE to stand up and be counted!, there is no inappropriate material contained on the video - but the language is a little "sassy")....more