Abusive Ignorance

 Wednesday, 20 February 2013...more

A Letter To My Son on Valentine's Day

To my Christian on Valentine's Day, I was sitting here putting your classroom Valentines together and taping heart shaped lollipops to your wheelchair heart cards and I was thinking to myself - Mommy sure knows a lot about hearts. The first time I heard your heartbeat, you were just a tiny baby in my belly. Hearing the woosh-woosh of a baby's first heart sounds is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my whole life. It's the beginning of life. It was the reassurance that you were in there, growing, and it was right then that I fell in love with you. ...more

Why was I blessed with two special needs children?

Repost from Blogger and Storylane. Wrote this Three weeks ago. I been asking myself this question since Brad was born. Why was I blessed with Brad?, but  I did not know the answer. Then, I had Kalen almost 2 years ago. Noticed some of the same characteristics Brad used to have. Got him into therapy early, just in case. Dr. Walter Larimore came to the church to speak on ADHD in main service and in Sunday School. He helped me get an answer to my question. Why Was I blessed with two special needs children: ...more

Surviving Emotional Infidelity

Marriage is complicated… Throw in the military, deployments , kids , medical problems and you get even more so. You get stress, frustration, exhaustion and sometimes infidelity.Infidelity comes in different types, physical and emotional. Both hurt and can destroy a marriage. But sometimes, just sometimes people can pull together and overcome a mistake....more

It all began with Clonazepam!!

She has missed days and days of school in the last 2 weeks. One panic attack after the other and she is only eleven. As long as things weren't too severe, I kept from giving her this anxiolytic (also antipanic or antianxiety agent) drug called Clonazepam....more

My child's psychiatrist prescribed ME Ativan!

About 6 months ago I couldn't understand why I hadn't been coping well with my daughter's TS, OCD or ADD. I was always comparing myself to other moms, and wondering why I found motherhood so difficult. My brain told me that I may have more issues to deal with, but my mind told me I was inadequate regardless....more

2012: Profiles of Inspiring Moms

2012 Best of Look@Her: Profiles of Inspiring Moms Most Wednesdays in 2012, I had the honor and privilege of featuring  a special needs mom, military spouse, military spouse small business owner or inspiring single mom  on Look@Her.   These are very special, inspiring and hard-working women. I am honored to be able to recognize them for being wonderful mothers, wives and role models.Without further hesitation, the Best of Look@HER 2012...more

Reflections on 2012

 Reflections on 2012 by Ms. MommyHH6Wow! I can't believe 2012 is over in a few hours. This year has contained so many ups and downs, challenges and surprises and new paths.   2012 has changed my life and my families in so many ways.    2013 is bound to be quite a year just trying to follow-up 2012.     I wanted to share a few of my own reflections of 2012 and share the the ONE word in 2013 theme for Ms. MommyHH6!Reflections on 2012:...more

Welcome to the Short Bus: No Jerks Allowed

I've been thinking a lot lately about people, and how they think, and what they think about others.I've also been thinking about the short bus.Over the past couple of weeks, I've been reminded that being told you "ride the short bus" is an insult.  It means you are stupid or crazy.  But my daughter rides the short bus, and my sister always rode the short bus, and neither one of them is stupid or crazy....more

Holiday Home Run Gifts: iPad Minis, Apps, and More

If you and your kids are dreaming of a tech-filled holiday season, you probably have questions about tablets, iDevices, and the like. Should you get the brand-new iPad Mini? What makes it a better choice than the larger iPad or the smaller iPod Touch? Do you need accessories, like cases and styluses? Which ones? And what are the best apps for kids of all abilities?...more