The unknown is overshadowing my thoughts.An envelope sits on my kitchen counter. In a few months, Josie will be a kindergartener. The same excitement and sadness fills my heart as it has 6 times before.The registration packet has some questions left unanswered. Similarly, the corresponding pages in her baby book are still unwritten.This shouldn't have come as any surprise to me, as the constant reminders are always there....more

More evidence that brain training helps ADHD

The evidence is mounting:1. ADHD stimulant meds have no longterm effects on grades or IQ:  http://www.nature.com/news/medication-the-smart-pill-oversell-1.147012. Computer-based brain training helps strengthen attention:http://dailyfreepress.com/2014/02/19/adhd-study-shows-children-can-train...3. Personal brain training can eliminate the need for ADHD meds:http://media.learningrx.com/study-shows-brain-training-can-eliminate-nee......more

My Princess and Me


Special Needs Kids Christmas Gift

There are only 21 days until Christmas and I want to do something special for some special kids. Do you want to help me? I’m sure you do because you care and the holiday season is a special time to show how much we care....more

Autism Speaks: A Tale of Two Perspectives

CaraCreagerWhat is considered normal is subjective. To lessen my son's struggle would be my ...more

NaBloPoMo-What The Heck? (And Why You Should Care)

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. This month I decided to participate in something called NaBloPoMo. What the heck is that?...more

Halloween for Special Kids

Earlier in the week, I talked about the real monsters of Halloween, and the horrors our medically fragile kids endure year round. Today, before all the little goblins and gremlins come to your door, I urge you to think about a few things....more

I Am Invisible

I’m on the track team at my high school.  I sit at the top of the bleachers waiting for my race to start. My teammates don’t see me because I am invisible.I sit at the lunch table at school with my peers, the table is crowded but they don’t see me, because I am invisible.Sometimes adults can see me for short periods at a time. But it doesn’t last long. Bit-by-bit after several minutes I fade away right in front of their eyes and they don’t even notice. I am invisible. My mom is the only one who can see me all the time....more

That Time I Had to Pay $500 for My Medical Records

One morning I woke up to a phone call advising me that I owed $500 to a private service holding my medical records ransom. ...more
Good luck finding a family doctor. It's so hard here in Ontario to find one - took me 6 years ...more