"It's Not Fair to the Normal Kids." Are You Kidding Me, Lady?

I told her that my son has autism and she responded, "oh, my nephew is autism." Yes, she said it like that -- should have been my first clue. She continued: "They try to stick him in with the normal kids, but I just don't think it makes any sense. It's not doing ANYONE any good having him with NORMAL kids...." ...more
sunblindedone He is in a private school, so it is legal.more


New drug reduces autism symptoms (in mice)

Yes, it's only mice so far, but a new experimental drug has reduced autism symptoms, specifically:1. fewer repetitive behaviors (mice groomed themselves less)2. improved social skillsThe Pfizer-developed medication is called GRN-529. Similar drugs are being tried on humans with Fragile X Syndrome, which meets the diagnostics criteria for autism.Here's the piece:http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/244606.php...more

To the Warrior Mothers of Autistic Children: I Get It Now.

I really lost her once. She popped around the end cap of the aisle while I was looking at clothes for her baby brother who was sitting happily in the tandem stroller. Every time I lose sight of her in a store, I start counting the grains of sand on a mental timer. If she doesn't pop back into view by the time the sand runs out, I must go find her. First, I say, "Honey, come here please." In a sing-song voice. Then, "Honey? Where are you? Can you come here please?" If I hear no answer (in the form of a giggle) I start looking. Usually, within a minute or two I find her....more

"D-Day" Diagnosis/Devastation Day

i barely slept last night.i lay in bed wide awake.sick. worrying. praying.praying that i'd be able to get through today.praying that everything would be ok. i just had this feeling.ive had it once before, in louisiana (when Luke died).i just knew.... i got recker all dressed and we headed to phoenix. when we got there,  we got into see Dr....more
I can't even tell you how much of your post I related to.  All those feelings and tears....I can ...more

Be a Contagious Encourager!

 When times are tough or when children face tough times, it’s natural to feel discouraged. However, both encouragement and discouragement are the most contagious of emotions. Effectively showing encouragement will help our children better cope with their health issues. ...more

Interesting finding about kids with autism and blinking

This is a pretty interesting study that had toddlers on the autism spectrum and typically developing kids both watch a video in which two children in a wagon were arguing about whether the door should be open or closed.(First you should know that when we're watching something that interests us, we blink less because we don't want to miss anything.)So the researchers found that the typically developing kids blinked less during the emotional exchanged between the two kids....more

Successful Transitions: Focusing on Medical Tasks

We have been blogging for several weeks about how to increase the odds of raising children with special medical needs who are responsible, confident, and independent in all areas of life including around self-care issues. Now let's look briefly at the subject of shifting the responsibility of medical tasks....more

Successful Transitions: Harnessing the Power of Example

One of the easiest ways to help children learn responsibility, make good choices about their bodies, and pave the way to a successful transition/transfer is using the power of example. Kids learn far more from the examples we set than from the words and lectures we give them....more

Kids with ADHD benefit from healthy lifestyle options (try these before stimulant meds!)

Each year, 3-10% of kids are diagnosed with ADHD. (And those are just the ones who get diagnosed!) More families are moving away from the idea of stimulant medications (like Ritalin and Concerta) in favor of trying natural alternatives as a first-line treatment.Here are 5 things to try:1. diet - avoid sugar, food dyes and processed foods - go for whole foods and fish with omega-3s at least 2x/week2. exercise - especially outside as "green" play has shown to help reduce the symptoms of ADHD3. plenty of sleep - some pediatricians recommend up to 11 hours/night...more