A Mommy is Born

Once upon a time, on a cold Wednesday afternoon, a boy was born into this world. The doctors lifted his tiny body up in the air for his parents to see him and announced "This is your son." The baby boy was placed into an incubator and whisked out of the room.


Two minutes later, the doctor repeated the processed and lifted another tiny baby into the air and announced, "Here is your daughter."


She too was placed into an incubator and whisked out of the room.


After the girl was gone, with tears of joy and fear in his eys, my husband asked me if I saw how beautiful the new babies were. I too had tears in my eyes and said "No, it was all a blur." He remarked, "I know. It all happened so fast."


I was now crying and said, "No, it really was a blur. I don't have my glasses and I can't see that far without them. I don't know what my babies look like."


And many days would pass before I would get a really good look at them. But then again, not really.


Lesson learned: Don't go in for an emergency c-section and leave your glasses behind.


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