A Cry From Nogales

How many of us have heard our children cry because it's dark.  Their cry is always full of distress even if we reassure them that everything is okay. 

Last night Ian was behaving "not so good" and he was about to face a time out in the living room, since it was begginning to get dark I still hadn't switched on the lights.  However it wasn't dark either, but he cried to me that it was dark and raised his arms to hug me.  You know, the kind that shouts, "Please, don't put me down that I'm frightened."


Something pinched my heart because he usually doesn't act up because its dark.  

I just read a post from Rev. Allison Harrington where she shares that her toddler is also scared of the dark (even with her night light on) so I related immediatly and read a bit more.  To my surprise when I pressed the "keep reading" link she continued talking about  1,100 children that are detained by our government in Nogales around the ages of fifteen and older. 

To be honest, sometimes when I come across articles or even news clips on situations that involve children or young people,  I tend to hide my head in the sand.  It's not that I don't care, it's that it hurts,  so I'll prefer not to deal with it and not knowing is something like that.  

The thing is that not knowing isn't going to make it go away and maybe if we come together united in a common cause,  we can do something about it as well.   

Since I've wrote this post, I just couldn't let it go.   I'm following it on the news, and  I came across this picture that breaks my heart.  These children look like puppies in a pound.  I know I'll carry this image with me forever.  

I've put an image to my thoughts and it hasn't made it easier. 

 These children miss their parents. 

Do they have enough lights on at night?

How many are frightened to death? 

How many of them cry themselves to sleep each night?

How many of them just want to jump over that fence?

Do they have enough to eat? How many go to bed hungry?

So many questions, so few answers. 

As my heart is squeezed tight in the my chest, my mind debates on immigration issues. 

As I blame our government for not forseeing these possible situations when drafting and passing harsh immigration laws.   I also blame their parents for putting them there because they are as or even more guilty then whoever puts them in a warehouse God knows in what conditions.

But my mind races back to them. 

When looking and following this news and I felt outraged of the selfies that were all over the place when the news of the Nigeria girls broke out.  Specially the one where our First Lady claimed them back.  #Bring back the girls or something like that. 

Nigeria is so far away and Nogales is so close.  What an irony!

We can loose ourselves in the back and forth of reasoning, however at the end of the day they will still be detained as criminals. 

Can this still be happening in our modern world in a nation where liberty is boasted on a daily basis?

To tell you the truth, I don't even know what to think.  My only hope is that at least some of the men and women who are serving as Border Patrol agents in that warehouse find it in their hearts to be kind and compassionate to these children who are victims of a flawed system and their own personal circumstances.  

When I think about the incident where Antonio Helena Rodriguez was shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent is scares the hell out of me.   He was around the same age and he was striked eleven times being seven of them on his back. 

So you see, "mis queridos amigos" what remains for us to do is raise a prayer to whatever you believe in for the well being and safe return of all of them to where they belong be it here or there.  

We should all do a selfie with a poster that reads #bring back the humanitarianism in all of us. 








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