The Mommy Rodeo: How Do We Survive the Ride?

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Inner peace.

What the heck is that?!

So let's call this a hypothetical situation: You are working in a job that you have a love/hate relationship with. Your hours on the clock are filled with constant buzzing sounds. People are always coming up to you with questions that you must find answers in a reasonable amount of time. Breaks are almost non-existent and eating lunch at 3:00pm is the norm. Oh, and let's just say 30 minutes to eat is maybe 10 minutes most days.

When you are not at work, you are at home with the family you adore. But there are meals to be made (getting to the store to get those groceries too), laundry to be folded, bathrooms to be cleaned. Don't leave out the overseeing of homework and inevitable extra-curriculars like soccer twice a week and possibly a PTA meeting now and again.

Sound familiar?

I call this the mommy-rodeo. It's what we do. We are in for the ride, and whether we realized or not, the ride owns us. But what is a dedicated, loving mother to do?

The Mommy Rodeo: How Do We Survive the Ride?
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We want to be providers for our family, and some of us don't have a choice about whether we are working or not. We want our children to have opportunities, better than what we may have had. We know the value of those extra-curricular activities and know that it's important for our kids to be involved. We strive for character building and creating great childhoods.

Perhaps we don't realize it, but as mothers we get sucked into this continuous giving cycle. We give at work, we give at home, we give outside the home. The homeless man on the street corner will get more sympathy points than we give ourselves. That's okay. Nothing against the homeless. But I think it's interesting that in almost any and every situation in our day-to-day rodeo, we will do anything and everything for others before we turn our attention to ourselves. Because as mothers we were made this way. We are the caregivers. We will entertain a dinner party while we ignore our own heart attack. True story.

So what can we do to help remedy our tireless giving selves? Take time for you. Carve out moments, minutes, hours of your day to put yourself first. Get a pedicure, read a book, walk outside, drink some tea. Do something that is all for you. Put up your feet, take a nap, listen to music. Be attentive to your own needs. There's nothing wrong with that. I think as women we guilt ourselves out of "me" time because it seems selfish. We have this anti-ego thing going on, and it's flat out ridiculous. You can't provide all that care for everyone and everything else without putting some time into yourself. Being the best mother, wife, woman that you can be means treating yourself just as well as you treat those around you. Be kind to you.

You're fabulous lady, and this treat's for you!


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