A List for a Bad Day: 10 Things I Love About Being a Mom

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6. That feeling you get when you tell your child you love them, and they respond with, "Mom, I know!" "How do you know", I asked her? "Because you say it ALL the time." She replied with a sigh. Poor child. The poor, poor child. She is forced to suffer through her mother's repetitive proclamations of endearment. Poor child.

7. That moment when you feel two tiny hands wrap around your leg. At times, this little blessing can seem like not such a blessing. Like, when you are trying to chop onions with a large knife and juggle a hot pan of homemade biscuits. At that moment, it's a little frustrating. But, what you have to remember is: There is only a short amount of time that you will get to enjoy being within the clutches of those sweet little hands. At least, let's hope when he's fifteen he'll no longer be interested.

8. To-Go Snacks, individually wrapped in Ziplock bags. I know this one isn't a about a tiny person, but those bags give me a sense of organization and pleasure like no other. I did not know this feeling until I became a mom, of course, because I never organized my snacks into neat, kid-sized portions. But I guarantee you that from this day on, til the day I die, I will -- simply for the joy and contentment that it brings.

9. The daily reminder that simple things can bring so much happiness. Did you read Tub Toots? Now, I am certainly not suggesting that you should sit around and do this in your free time. In, fact, please don't. But I am reminded on a daily basis, that joy comes in small, simple packages. Balloons, for example. Have you ever seen the face of a child who has just been given a balloon? Pure delight. Or words like goosey-loosey or silly-billy that cause loud, explosive waves of giggles. We should all be so joyful! And we should all find joy in such simple blessings.

10. Night time, pre-sleep snuggles. Is there anything better than a freshly bathed, PJ wearing munchkin trying to cover every single square inch of your body with theirs as you snuggle up in bed and attempt to read a story? I didn't think so. Combine this with tiny, whisper-y giggles, and sneaky wet kisses, and soft, "Mommy, I love you"s, and there really isn't anything more heart-warming -- this side of heaven. Speaking of these sneaky wet kisses, my kids love to shower me with them as I'm reading before bed. I read, distractedly, as they kiss my hand and arm and shoulder and face. It's kind of like having a puppy. But better.

10 Mommy Things

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