Mommy-tracking? Real or not?

Am I completely, completely evil, to resent the new “New
Parent” Community of Practice,” (CoP)set up to “help new parents and
managers navigate work/life balance”?


Behind the scenes I was told that the “problem”  that new parents
wish to see addressed in this new CoP is the “mommy tracking”: the fact
that they are “kept from promotions because of their parental status.”

Le sigh. Am I the only one who thinks “Really? Are ya kiddin me?

know I am not a mommy, and thus subject to all manner of attack for my
clear lack of understanding the perils of mommyworld, but really,

Being a mommy is hard, no doubt, it might be the hardest job; it
might mean you DECIDE to work less (part time, telecommute, longer
leave) but it IS a choice, right? To be a super-power career mom, you
give up some time at home, a choice that is a very hard one, one I
probably wouldn’t make, but a CHOICE. Likewise, if you DECIDE to spend
more time at home and less at work, while that too might be a hard
choice, it is one… one that comes with the consequences of less chance
for promotion and certain “choice” work assignments because ummm…
you’re not here.

Likewise, some of your single gal colleagues, just so you know,
would be happy to have a few less “choice” assignments; a few less
times where its assumed they can come in, handle whatever is going on,
because they’re not mommies what else could they be doing?

Am I oversimplifying? Probably. But I guess I just am finding it
hard to swallow that mommies are the only ones struggling to balance
their work and their lives, make that New Parents, as this group did. I
can’t actually think of a bigger oversimplification.


(For sliggggghtly less oversimplifacation, read more here.)

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