Mommy In Waiting on Mother's Day

Click, click, click.  The sound of the computer keys as I check my email for the tenth time in one hour.  I nervously flip the switch to my cell phone to make sure it's on loud, because I've checked this so many times today that maybe I've accidentally turned it to vibrate mode.  My heart jumps as I hear the email sound emanate from my phone, but it's just another work email.  The silence is deafening.

Does this sound familiar?  If you're an adoptive parent who has gone through multiple steps, stages, and jumped through hoops in order to become licensed to adopt only to find yourself waiting for "the call", then you probably know the exact situation I'm talking about.  The bad news is, the clock always runs slowest when we watch it.

The adoption journey is filled with difficult balances, where one must at a moment be prepared to meet his or her child and immediately begin a new life, while at the same time continue living life as normal until that call comes. 

It is completely normal for questions to arise, both from others and within the adoptive parent as well. 

Like.... What about Mother's Day?  I was at church the other day, and a sweet lady asked me a completely normal question as she was preparing for a church mother's day luncheon.  She came up behind me, touched me on the arm and said, "Hey sweetie!  Are you a mom?!"  I hesitated.  I felt the blood rush to my face because I didn't know what to say.  Then I thought, Who doesn't know what to say when asked if they are a mom?  I quickly explained the situation and left.

It had me thinking, though.  My children are there, and one phone call connects them to me.  I am a mother in waiting.  This Mother's Day is a reason to celebrate.  So all you mama's out there who are waiting for your babies, celebrate you and celebrate your babies!  I'd also love to hear about the special ways you celebrated. 

Happy Mother's Day.  Claim it; you deserve it, and you've been a mama for a long time coming.



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