Mommy Wars

For the last few months different pictures of new moms have made rounds on Facebook and caused many open conversations and letters in different media outlets. It all started with a simple picture and a question “What’s your excuse?” by mom and fitness blogger Maria Kang. Something that was meant as a push to lose weight and get fit was turned into something negative and started the new kind of mom wars. You want to know What My Excuse is?

Caroline Berg Eriksen, new mom and fitness blogger from Norway, fueled the ongoing battle of fit and skinny vs the fat and lazy (?) when she shared a picture of herself on Instagram 4 days after having her baby. Mean comments and blog posts were posted left and right while many, that weren’t blinded by jealousy, where still congratulating her on her baby and, let’s face it, on keeping her hot body.  There has been a lot of talk about fat shaming and how it’s wrong and hurtful etc. What about fit shaming? Or skinny shaming? Why is it okay to be overweight (no need to leave comments about how many people have medical conditions that make them fat, this percentage is very low and you can still be fit) and not fit?

Caroline Berg Eriksen (fotballfrue) 4 days after having her baby via 

Why should we take pride in unhealthy eating habits or lack of exercise? We shouldn’t!

I’m not saying we should spend every free minute working out or eat spinach leaves for every meal but we should make an effort to be fit and healthy. You can be fit at any weight. Your health will improve, you will have more energy and you won’t feel the need to leave ugly comments out of jealousy. How many times have you heard an overweight person say that they are okay being fat, that they enjoy not being able to do certain things, that they like the looks they get or how they love the clothing options they have?

None of these things should be something to be proud about. Get off the couch and make a change!

Many people use the excuse that they don’t have time or energy and gym memberships are expensive.

Go for a walk with a friend, go for a run or just work out in the comfort of your home. Make time! It’s easy to say “I don’t have time because I have to….” more often not it’s just an excuse. Would I rather sit in front of the TV with box of chocolate and watch Revenge or be out running? Yeah, I would rather be snuggled up on the couch. I’m right there with you on that couch of lazy and excuse!

Losing weight and getting fit is kind of like seeing a dentist. You hate it, try to put it off as long as you possibly can and when you finally do it you will feel better about it plus you will love your smile.

Caroline Berg Eriksen probably won the gene lottery and kept active during her pregnancy instead of eating for two and using pregnancy as an excuse to stay on the couch all day. We should applaud her  instead of fit shaming!

One thing that bothers me in the comments is the assumptions that people make about their lives. For Maria Kang it was that she didn’t spend any time with her family and was working out non-stop while nannies were raising her kids.

For Caroline Berg Eriksen the comments are even more ridiculous. I think many people don’t want to realize that you can work out and still spend enough time with your family, go for a run and still work…you get the idea. Let’s not forget it is her job to look like this (she is a fitness blogger)!

If you are fit and skinny you are automatically a bad mom and God forbid you are pretty on top of all that too. This is sadly one of the biggest assumptions among many people that leave comments. I think it’s sad that so many people are trying to make these women feel bad about their bodies because they are unhappy with their own body. If anybody feels bad about themselves after looking at this picture or Maria Kang’s picture then they should probably take a long look at themselves instead of blaming others.

Don’t forget your body is your temple so treat it well! Find the weight that you are happy at and most comfortable in your body but don’t settle for something just because it’s too much work to get healthy. Happiness and health come from within. Our bodies will go through many changes during our lifetime. We will learn to live and embrace some (eg stretchmarks after pregnancy) and learn to change the other ones (eg weight gain). Little bit of workout will go a long way just like healthy menu.


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