Mommy Week in Review: Crawling, what makes a man, and inspiring mombloggers

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The baby started crawling for real this past week. He practiced constantly for ten days before that. I’d hear thumping in the crib in the middle of
the night: he was rocking in his crib, practicing how to gain momentum
to crawl forward. He mastered crawling two days ago.

I think these photos capture his learning:

Today, he decided
it was time to learn how to stand up. So he’s getting up on his knees,
grabbing on to anything high, and lurching upwards. This kid has
determination in spades. I never had the drive to master anything. I
gave up piano lessons, ballet, viola, riding and a million sports. I
was always content to be good enough. I wish for my son the innate drive to be
truly excellent. When I saw him trying so hard to crawl he’d cry I was
reminded of the old adage, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall”? Practice!

As we get ready to watch Obama tonight, I recommend reading this post from PhDinparenting, a Canadian who sets about myth-busting health care reform:

Setting the stage, she writes,

“there seems to be a perception that if you do have insurance you should only support a public health care option out of concern for those that are not insured. A perception that your private health care must be better than what a public system could offer. A perception that if you are not paying a private company for your health care that you will somehow no longer be a priority. Those perceptions, I believe, are unfounded and counterproductive.”

You can also take part in the MomsRising health care blog carnival- click here to submit a post.

Dan Mulhern is a leadership guru and the “First Gentleman” of Michigan, since he is married to MI Governor Jennifer Granholm. He is a leader in the
so-called “work-life” movement and he’s been exploring how the role of
being a man will change as the workforce becomes more female and as
women get more powerful. I filled out his survey today, which I urge
you to do. And Dan asks, What does it means to “act like a man”? And I
wrote things like, “to be strong,” “to have self-reliance.” This as I’m
fretting and feeling guilty that it’s 7:30 pm and I haven’t made any
dinner and my poor husband won’t have anything to eat when he comes
home from work! At least once a day I shake my head and think how the
experience of creating a family with my husband and son has proved how
deep gender role stereotypes are ingrained in me. Take Dan’s quiz and see what you answer, and don’t edit yourself.

Speaking of MomsRising, I really enjoye this post from Senator Jeff Merkley about the Totes/Isotoner case, in which the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the company was justified in firing a woman who took breaks to pump at work. The Senator writes “the Ohio Supreme Court threw logic out the window when it ruled that a woman was rightfully fired for taking breaks at work to pump breast milk. Apparently it would have been acceptable for Lanisa Allen to take a break to use the bathroom as long as she didn’t pump breast milk in the process.”

Ahh, nursing, the baby bit me today while nursing. I am sorely tempted to wean him. But I have less than four months ‘til a year! Can I do it? I can do it! When I want this kind of mothering inspiration, I read Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Amy Gates, and I think she would be proud of my determination!


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