Mommy, you're a Cow!

Conversation with my 4 year old last night as I’m tucking him into bed. 

4 yo: "Mommy you’re a cow."

Me: "I’m a what?"

[looks at me and repeats it slowly and deliberately... apparently I'm also old and deaf.]

4 yo: "You’re - a - cow."

Me: *Silence*

[debating whether to ask... alright, I’ll bite]

Me: "Why am I a cow?"

4 yo: "Well... all sorts of cows make milk and YOU make milk. So you're a cow."

[stands to reason... he’s a pretty logical kid]

Me: "Mhmmm. Interesting point. But, did you know that cats make milk. And dogs, pigs, sheep, goats, deer and even horses."

[his eyes open super wide, eyebrows slightly raised]

4 yo: "You mean... it isn’t just cows and people that make milk?"

Me: "Nope. Mommy cats make milk for their babies, and so do the pigs and all the rest of the animals I just told you about. And there are others too."

4 yo: "Wow!"

Me: *Grin* "So next time, can I just be a cat instead?"

4 yo: *Smiles* "Yes mommy. Next time you can be a cat."

Me: "Meow" ;)

4 yo: *Giggles*


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