MommyBlogging: The Commercial Momosphere: Policies, Ethics and Outreach

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Event Date: 
July 19, 2008 - 8:45am - 10:00am
Conference Day: 
Day 2
You probably remember last year's Blogosphere Code of Conduct meme. One code of conduct could probably never apply to the blogosphere...but do you have a personal code of conduct? Where are your boundaries? And do you publish them? Moreover, there has been lots of talk lately about how marketers blow it with MommyBloggers (and other bloggers too, for that matter.) Horror stories can be fun, but what if we could change the game? Do you have a code of conduct you wish marketers would abide by? Do you publish it? Do you outline how to contact you and who should bother? And let's be honest: Does your reaction totally change based on what you're being pitched, not on the quality of the pitch? Not every MommyBlogger is interested in that dread word "monetization." But for those who are, it will certainly be useful to talk about how we balance community, content and commercialism. Join Lotta Svoboda, who has tried many different ways to make money with her blog and finally found the most success as an Etsy seller, Devra Renner, who is a firm believer that she doesn't make money with her blog, but because of her blog and Kristen Chase, MommyBlogger and co-founder of the Parent Bloggers Network, so well-versed in creating and maintaining policies and Dawn Meehan who joined the momosphere after commercialism was already widely being discussed, debated and embraced...and took that ball and ran with it. They will discuss their varied approaches to the commercialization conundrum.

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