MOMocrats at the DNCC: We Came, We Saw, We're Exhausted

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The last two days of the Democratic National Convention contained a whirlwind of events culminating with the final speeches at Invesco field featuring Barack Obama, now the official Democratic nominee for president. Finally after a week of running around, we were all in the same place witnessing history. It took us a long time to get there, and many of us had to overcome various obstacles and struggles each day, but we did it and not only are we stronger for it, but so are the bonds between us and the MOMocrats blog has caught on - particularly with legislators who are moms. It's exciting.

Wednesday was spent hopping between final events and trying to get posts up after the first few days. Lawyer Mama had a busy day heckling anarchists and redefining community service, and we were all choking back tears during Beau Biden's introduction of his dad. Joan Garry wrote about her experience at the convention as Obama's LGBT Finance Committee Co-Chair, taking a moment to reflect about a naive
protesters' point-of-view.

That evening, as I sat in the media tent outside the Pepsi Center, Hillary Clinton called for a vote of affirmation for Barack Obama to become president, and I couldn't help but soak in the moment - watching a woman ask another woman to call for a vote to nominate the first black man as U.S. president. Julie Lythcott-Haims, the delegate in our group, got chills from being right in the middle of the action.

Thursday, we headed to The Big Tent DIGG stage for the Ms. Foundation panel on "What Women Want, What the Country Needs", followed by "Cracks in the Glass Ceiling," put on by WomenCount and including Erin Kotecki Vest and me. Downstairs, Cynematic won a golden ticket to Invesco from Daily Kos, while Julie Lythcott-Haims was already inside Invesco reporting about preparations for the evening's event.

The rest of us had to wait for our passes to be distributed after 2:00pm to begin our journey. After walking quite a distance and standing in line for about four hours to get into Invesco field, some MOMocrats live blogged (chatted) the event as others tweeted and took video from the stands. Even from the farthest seats in the stadium, we were floored by Senator Obama's riveting speech - his boldness, sincerity, and his sense of truly grasping the issues that are important to Americans at this "defining moment" in history. As long and hard as the week was for all of us, it was a moment worth the wait.

Finally Friday, MOMocrats assessed McCain's choice of VP nominee Governor Sarah Palin with guns blazing and stirred up a nice comment storm along with it. Join us for a Jobama Mama cocktail, ladies. It's been a long, thrilling week and we're going to keep going, as Hillary Clinton advised, until the last vote is cast. Yes we can.

Sarah Granger covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention as a special event for BlogHer, along with the MOMocrats, who were all credentialed media in Denver.


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