MOMocrats Rubbing Elbows at the Democratic National Convention

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The MOMocrats hit the ground running Tuesday after learning to navigate the convention landscape Sunday and Monday. Dashing between events, we were able to see and meet some amazing people up close and talk with them - particularly women, since it was a day to celebrate the 88th anniversary of women's suffrage, unity, and equality. As PunditMom noted from Washington, there's still healing to be done, but it's happening.

MOMocrats covered the speeches from inside the Pepsi Center on the night including Julie Pippert's interview with Governor Jeanne Shaheen and Julie Lythcott-Haims' coverage of Unity sign bickering. Jaelithe hit the nail on the head in noticing that although Hillary Clinton's speech was phenomenal, it wasn't the same as the night before or her own speech earlier in the day. Still, proximity matters and she and I weren't in the Pepsi Center Tuesday night like we were on Monday. Jaelithe also wrote a detailed explanation of what it's like to be a credentialed blogger in the official events.

Somehow I had four overlapping, double-simultaneous events yesterday but I unbelievably made it to all four. I made it to an Emerge America alumni luncheon, the WomenCount launch event with Hillary Clinton where we were right up next to her liveblogging, and then I caught most of the New Democrats Network panel on technology tools in the campaign, but it was bittersweet, because I missed the speakers I most wanted to see at the EMILY's List gala.

MOMocrats Managing Editor, Glennia Campbell and I took a chance and hopped on a bus to a private event for Bay Area convention-goers at a historical mansion where we met Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and her husband (both of whom it's impossible not to adore), Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and members of her staff, who were all gracious hosts, I was happily reunited with new (yippee!) Congresswoman Jackie Speier, and friends of mine who had worked on her campaign. Several more members of congress were present, in addition to family members of Nancy Pelosi's, delegates, Emerge California board members, and Netroots Nation organizers. We couldn't have felt more at home. Governor David Patterson of New York made a cameo toward the end, and Senator Chris Dodd appeared just as we were leaving.

Bay Area Obama delegate, Julie Lythcott-Haims, encountered a variety of demonstrators and took one on with her own version of free speech - this after encountering a crowd of "anarchists", later to be in a confrontation with the Secret Service.

Surprised by all that's going on? It's exhausting - really - you can see it in the faces of everyone in The Big Tent, slung over couches toward the end of the night. What's really amazing is that I didn't even cover all of the posts written yesterday or all of the events everyone attended. The convention is just that big. What I will mention is that the MOMocrats have been really well received here in Denver - people love the name, they seem to like us, they feel our content is quality and to credit our fearless leader, Glennia, we're - gasp - "well organized." (Glennia credits working a lot of bake sales as a mom, but I think it's more than that. From what I've witnessed, each of the MOMocrats has unique strengths and all of the MOMocrats continue to impress me the longer I work with them. We ended the day with another pow-wow in PJ's and I couldn't be happier to be spending time with these incredibly capable women.

This morning, Julie Lythcott-Haims had a cathartic, emotional moment with a Clinton supporter who just wanted to be heard during the convention - although in a different way than she had thought. That's just the beginning.


This post is part of a special event series covering the Democratic National Convention, by Sarah Granger.


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