So, I decided to come home to visit my family for the first weekend of Spring Break.  As we are watching a show called "Preacher's Daughters" on Lifetime, we begin discussing the choices of children which, of course, switches to MY choices. *exhales*

She begins to explain that she isn't sure exactly what i've been doing while away at school (which, for her sake, she will never know) but, that whatever choices i've made, she isn't going to stress over, because i'm 23 years old.  

Excuse me, while the shackles of childhood are finally loosed from my body.

Of course, because it's written somewhere that she must dissect every bit of my appearance all together, she decides to settle on my earrings. My cheap, ridiculously large, "gold" hoops. She asks why I wear them all the time. I say "Because I love them, and they do too." Her response? "Well not everyone because you still don't have a boyfriend." 

Mom. Mom. Mom.

I am WORKING on it. I even have a candidate in mind. 

*backstory* He and I met around 2008, and didn't get close until 2010. We were headed toward a relationship, but unfortunately, it didn't work out, and we chose to remain friends.

Somehow, we both ended up single again at the same time. I had gotten out of a really volatile relationship, and his just fizzled.  We began to talk more often, and I felt feelings brewing yet again, and admitted those to him. Unfortunately, despite the fact that he felt the same way, timing was not on our side. 

Yep. My luck.

So hopefully, through all the writing back and forth we'll get closer, and in *looks at calendar* 10 weeks, i'll get a commitment... and maybe some really nice... know *sips tea*