Mompreneur Success: How to Make it Happen Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Mommyhood is indeed special and can have its challenges. But what's even more challenging yet rewarding is being a mompreneur.

Moms already wear many hats, and even more than just raising your kids, you are trying your best to build your business all at the same time.  

Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Your commitment is needed in every area of your life and here are some tips that can help you get to the next level of success as a mompreneur.  I like to call these my "mommy success path" tools.


As a mompreneur myself, I struggled with this one and sometimes I still have challenges. There would be toys all on the floor and in my work area.

So, what I ended up doing was moving my work area and kept the toys away from my desk and work space. It's important to stay focused and having toys, games, and all kinds of personal stuff in the way can get in the way of you being productive in your business. It's all about having clarity and removing the clutter from your environment and additionally, your life.  
It's best to keep your business and personal items separated so that you can work when you're supposed to and tend to the personal stuff during your down time. If you need to have a separate space in the home as your office, then by all means do so. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself in the zone.

Have activities for your kids to do.

Some days it's extremely hard to get work done when the kids are around. Luckily I have a teenager who entertains the baby most of the time and that helps me a lot. But when it's just me and the baby, it can be a little overwhelming. I know what I want to do, I want to get it done, but I simply can't at the moment.

One of the most effective ways for me to get more done is to start my tasks early in the morning. Getting the majority of the work done early, makes it easier for me to complete my work early.  As a mompreneur, you have to treat your daily activities as if you are working on a job. If it takes getting up early to do this, then so be it. Having small children that demand your attention can be challenging when it comes to building your business.

If you have children that are school age, then you can find healthy distractions for them such as games, after school activities, sports, etc., while you complete your work.

Make a schedule and stick to it.

Having a schedule is a necessity. Just like I mentioned above in regards to starting my work early to finish early, scheduling helps tremendously. I know the time when the baby will wake up in the morning and he goes to bed at a certain time at night. It may take some trial and error at first, but you will get the hang of it.

It doesn't work in my favor 100% of the time but for the most part, it does. It's understandable that you can't schedule everything because kids are naturally spontaneous and are full of unexpected surprises.

With that being said, having a schedule can really help maximize your personal time and business time. It's always good to have a plan, not just for your business, but for your work at home as well.

Have someone watch the kids.

It should be someone you trust of course. You have the option of hiring someone or maybe having a friend or family member come and entertain the kids for a little while so you can get some work done. Sometimes when your kids know you're around they want to play or spend time with you. And if you have small children, they really don't understand the mommy needs to work. If you have someone come over to keep them busy for a while, it will take a load off your back.

These are just a few tips to take along on your journey as a mompreneur.  It's definitely interesting when you are being mom and a mommy in business. But the best part is that it pays off in the end. You can look back and tell your kids about your challenges and how you overcame all of them.


Cheryl J. Moses

Attraction Marketing Success Mentor

Self-Made Savvypreneur

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