My Twins Are Not Circus Animals :: 3 Ridiculous Things to Ask Moms of Multiples

Dear random stranger, You know when you go to the circus and you see the animals in the cage, it's different than seeing them at the zoo. It's not like you haven't seen at least 400 Bengel Tigers in your life, but when you see the circus tiger, well.. That's got to be the most AMAZING THING you've ever seen! Right?! ...more

The Sinking Ship of Mom Shaming

. Dear mama friends, The world can just be a mean place. Really. ...more

Really, People, Really?! I. Just. Can't.

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the backlash Victoria Beckham (formerly Posh Spice) is getting because <gasp> she kissed her 5 year-old daughter ON THE LIPS!  Oh, the humanity!  Social media is blowing up with controversy over whether or not the kiss and/or the public share was appropriate.  I kid you not, people are disgusted.  ...more

Enough With The Mom Shaming

When I started this blog, I picked the name One Mom's Blog for a reason. I am just one mom. I am not the only mom who's kids came with owner's manuals. I am not the authority on anything kid related. I am just a mom. I am just one mom out of many. The best I can do is the best of myself...but I know that I am just one mom. ...more

3 Ways to Support Moms With Chronic Pain

Teething, tantrums, sleep deprivation.Being a mom is hard work -- for all moms. But for moms with chronic pain, parenting can sometimes feel impossible. If you live every day with chronic illness, you know how it feels to balance the normal demands of motherhood on top of the worry, fear and misery that accompany a life with daily pain. Photo Credit: Moms With Pain. ...more
ShasLee56 Thanks for your comments and for reading my posts.! I think what I wrote can ...more

Why I Gave Up On Making 'Mom' Friends

I wanted that mom-magic. I knew it was out there somewhere.I was the first among my peers to have a baby.I had never felt as alone as I did in the midst of new parenthood. I wanted so badly to have someone to talk to, someone to understand me and my new life....more

The Six Kinds of Moms on Facebook in 2016

Facebook has evolved. Gone are the days where you looked forward to poking your friends and inviting others to join you at Farmville. The site’s grown up, and so have the users. So, too, have the moms of Facebook changed....more

New Moms: Using Meetup to find your tribe

Will they like me? Am I dressed okay? Is this sweater too tight? Why am I doing this again? ...more

Mommy needs space

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. ...more