The Invisibles

The Invisibles Something amazing is happening everywhere and everyday. Women are turning into Mothers. It’s an unseen transition. A timeless, unbrandable, unmarketable experience. When I became a Mother, I felt an amazing Mom power that I wanted to brag and boast about. Yet, everywhere I looked in society I could not find a similar sentiment reflected back at me.  Am I alone? Or is every woman turned Mother invisible? Now just on the surface, this may seem like a ridiculous question....more

Save Your Waistline... ...and donate your extra Halloween candy or candy leftovers to Operation Gratitude! Local dentists will take those extra calories, er, candies off your hands for $1 per pound and will send them to troops serving overseas....more

In Defense of Childless “Mothers”

A recent blog entry caused a bit of a stir among readers. In the entry, I confess that a friendship ended because my friend’s children were impossible for me to be around. Some of the comments in response to the entry were quite critical of me. Some expressed solidarity with the “I can’t stand your kids” sentiment. But most of the responses, either way, expressed the unfortunate and often wrong perception that if a woman does not have a child, she just doesn’t understand what it takes to parent one—or what it’s like to parent one....more

QuickByte Fridays--World's Worst Mom's Halloween Ah, there is almost nothing better than a Friday that kicks off a holiday weekend!...more

Are "Mean Girls" the product of "Mean Moms"?

I had coffee with a very cool mom the other day, the kind of mom that can say "Whatevs" and you suddenly feel like "yeah, totally" . You know what I mean?...more

The Night I Almost Killed My Motherhood

There have been two mornings in my life when I woke up a different person than when I went to sleep.   The first was the day after my dad’s sudden death. I remember waking up and feeling shock, loss, and that I was in completely new territory in my life.   Years later came a similar shock. But it’s one thing to know the victim of death and quite another to know a killer.   My 4-month-old baby had begun a pattern of waking frequently in the night after sleeping through for several weeks....more

The Mac 'n Cheese Dilemma\Tis the season...the season for heavier and carbier foods. As soon as the weather gets cooler and I add my extra blanket to the bed and dig out my favorite fuzzy pink slippers, my body starts to signal that winter is near by berating with cravings for all things carbs! Seriously, like bears, I swear it's some biological need to bulk up the pounds and fat for winter....more

Not Just Bed Bugs: Pests Plague the Homeless Community

Click to view linkDownload this gallery (ZIP, undefined KB)I am frequently asked about pest contr...more

I'm the New "Tween"

Yes, it's true. Now, you probably thought a tween was a teenage girl who is old enough to not be considered a little girl any longer, but not quite old enough yet to be described as a full-fledged teenager. You'd be right, but there is a new tween emerging, and it's me, and all of the women like me....more

QuickByte Fridays--Oprah's Acts of Kindness  ...more