Six Traits of Happy Moms

I like to think I’m pretty happy. Well, most of the time.But sometimes I get tired and stressed and frazzled and frustrated and resentful and tired (did I say that twice?). I know, I am entitled to feel these emotions. I mean I have three busy kids, a husband with a big career, and my own blogging empire I’m trying to build. Of course I should be stressed sometimes, right?As women, we have more opportunities than ever before, so why are we so bummed? Why do we spend all our time complaining about how tough our lives are, while others go out and live it?...more

To all the stupid lazy husbands who can't figure out Mother's Day

I planned my own Mother's Day this year. Weeks in advance, I told my husband all the crap I do each day, and that my Mother's Day wish was for him to handle all that crap for one whole day....more

10 Reasons I am Grateful for my Children

Sunday is Mother's Day here in this part of the world. It's a day when my children will act like sweet, cherubic little darlings, wait on me hand and foot, snuggle on demand and then leave me alone afterwards. I won't have to cook or clean or fold one piece of laundry, nor hunt down a lost shoe... beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! Wha?? blink, blink. Oh. I was dreaming. Dang. Pretty sure in the 13 years I've been a mom, Mother's Day has never been quite that idyllic....more


 AFTER THE STORM HAS ENDED…..WHEN A STORM HAS PASSED…..A BRAND NEW YOU……PICKING UP THE PIECES….BUILDING A BRAND NEW LIFE….After the storms of life have ended….and we have survived and got through it….we then open our eyes to a new reality around us……We see what is still intact and left to the world as we knew it prior to the storm…..We had to wait till “The Sky quit falling…” and now one can begin to pick up the pieces….and begin to build a beautiful brand new life…....more

A Love Letter to my Mama

Dear Mom:Thank you....more

Mothers Who Fill the Bills

This is in honor of all the great moms that are here and those that have gone.  You have given us your best.  Your unconditional love and support is apparent even when you do not always agree with our actions....more

Happy Momina's Day!

I call my mother Momina and have since I was a kid.  I think it started after a Cosby Show episode where Rudy is doing a magic show for her family, and has her mom acting as her assistant.  She is The Great Rudini (I think) and she introduces her mother as 'Momina'.  I started calling my own mom 'Momina' after that and I guess it just stuck.  I'm 38 and I still call her that....more

The Best Mom Ever!


Summer Camp Essentials

I cannot be the only one...who has mixed feelings about summer.  Those days of carefree hours in the sun or staying up late in the warm evenings are no more. Now my summer consist of scrambling to create a schedule for my six year old that will keep him occupied, well supervised, and allow me to keep my already very part-time, part-time job. All of this combined makes it difficult to love summer as much as I used to. ...more