Momism: When the baby decides to pee right AFTER you take the diaper off to change it, onto the comforter, and you're too tired so you just turn the comforter around. Yeahhh, totally did that, and not ashamed at all. ~HotColdMommy~...more

A Mom Rut

I cannot be the only one…who checks them self periodically in order to determine if they have fallen into the dark crevice that is the Mom Rut.  The checks are easy to determine, have I worn these same jeans more than twice this week (check), have I resorted to only sort-of blow drying my hair (check), and when putting on my face (as my grandmother called it) did I only apply mascara (check).   Outcome: I am in a Mom Rut....more

10 Things About Going to the Movies With Kids

I took my son to see The Lego Movie today, and yes, it WAS awesome. We both laughed, we had a great time. Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved by ...more
I have a friend that pulls out her cellphone and returns calls during the previews. It was so ...more

Sink to a New Low

I cannot be the only one...whose child's behavior, or lack thereof, has an uncanny ability to make you lower yourself to a level of response that you are ashamed of later (or in my case, immediately).  A child can bring out your childlike happy go-lucky side or a petty not-so-nice side that has been hibernating within your psyche since junior high school. ...more

Thankful Thursday: Well Again

I cannot be the only one…who has been lucky enough to have made it six years without a cold or flu hitting all the members of our house at one time, that is until the last three days.  Fortunately, this dastardly bug only knocked the Sonny Boy and I out, but it definitely makes for a trying experience when your child and yourself are both sick at the same time....more

This is What Depression Feels Like

When I was diagnosed with postpartum depression back in 2009, I promised myself that I would try to give a "voice" to this often times shameful and silent disease. ...more
There's nothing wrong with antidepressants. I look at it like someone who has high blood ...more

Thankful Thursday: Growing Independence

I cannot be the only one…who has noticed their child has started to show signs of real independence; whether buttoning up their own shirt or washing their own hair in the tub, the small things that can be done without Mama, are being done without her. ...more

What I Wore To School Drop Off

Lately, I have noticed many a blogger doing "What I Wore" series.  What I Wore Wednesday.  What I Wore To Church.  What I Wore on my glorious beach vacation that you didn't get to take.  Sucka!  (Ok.  I just made that one up.)  All of these women look beautiful, and put together, and not at all what I look like on a Monday morning.  So, I've been contemplating doing a "What I Wore To School Drop Off" series each Monday.  ...more
MendesMusings  Ha!  Thank you!  I fear that one of these days I am going to have a flat tire or ...more

Because I'm a Mom

 I was going to write up Eli’s 8 month post, but I think I will post that tomorrow. I have something else on my heart so I am just going to go with it. Today was one of those hard days. Mommas, you know what I’m talking about. One of those days that makes you want to bust out the front door and go screaming down the street while simultaneously sobbing in hysterics and clawing your eyes out....more