Time for School: The Mid-Day Tea Parties Had to End Sometime

Since my youngest associate will be leaving the office to explore new opportunities, Tuesday marks the start of my new job. While my hours will be better, the pay will still stink. I have over 8 years experience of having a child at home, so the thought of not having one at home with me during the day is going to take some getting used to. ...more
@JanetD Sorry to hear about your bad luck but glad to hear you had such an amazing summer!more

5 Ways to Encourage New Moms

The one thing I didn't expect to feel is lonely. And mentally exhausted. And the need to see just a snippet of my old self through spit-up covered clothes, feeding schedules, and baby toys scattered through the living room. And as a new mom, it's hard to know what to expect. Yes, even with all of the 'What to Expect' books out there....more
@nikonMom So true! I felt that way a lot in the first couple of months. It's comforting to know ...more

The moment I realized that I had become a Mean Mommy.

So there is a moment in every mom’s life that she realizes that she has indeed been, as I describe it, a ‘mean mommy’. There was a defining moment in my life as a mother, where I realized that I indeed had turned into a mean mommy, and I decided to do something about it. I vowed to never judge or criticize another mom again, cause you never know where life will take you or what challenges you and your family will endure. This will make more sense as your read about my own ‘mean mommy’ moment.A few years back I was in line at the liquor store around the holidays....more

The Mothering Job - Yes, the Mom Holiday is Over but Shouldn't Everyday be our Day?

...When rooms are trashed and eyes are rolled, love is there. MORE...more

Hopes for Myself as a Mother

It’s an odd place to get parenting advice, but the best story regarding mothering I ever heard was from Penn Jillette on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF. Penn talked about how his mother’s philosophy was that she loved and cherished her children for who they were, from the moment of birth, and never for what they did. She delighted in their joys, but it was never about accomplishments....more

Taking Blogger Engagement to the Next Level – the Blogger On-Site Tour

By Janette Speyer, Web Success TeamOnline marketing is an ever-changing landscape. We are always force to find creative ways to keep our customer’s brands front of consumers. In the spirit of eternal testing, we hosted a Blog On-Site Tour for our client Superior Source Vitamins....more

The Super Powers of Moms Everywhere

As parents, we actually have our own set of super powers that activate when we leave the hospital with our first bundle of joy. It might take a bit of practice to hone them, but eventually we look back on our own childhoods and think about all the stuff we probably DIDN’T really get away with. Supersonic Hearing: You can single out your child’s voice in a sea of tiny people yelling....more
I'm a Jedi. Just like the post I submitted to BlogHer 13 ...more

A colorful treat to help ease away depression here's how!


From Lonely Stay-At-Home Mom to Following Dreams and Successful Business Owner

Just two years ago Arti Verma was a lonely stay-at-home mom of three. Now, she is the proud owner of a busy cafe in South Edmonton.“I wanted to come out and interact with the outside world but I felt I had no hope,” said Verma.“I was happy with kids and my family, but you know, sometimes you want something for yourself as well- for me I just wanted to get out.”...more