Motherhood Stinks (Sometimes) Part 3

In the first two parts of Motherhood Stinks (Sometimes), we explored The Blowout and how Other Kids Stink Worse. 3....more

What Did I Get Myself Into?


Motherhood Stinks (Sometimes) Part 1

It is important to note that I love being a mother.  The last thing my three busy boys hear before they drift to off to sleep is, “I love you and I love being your mommy.”  However. Motherhood stinks.  Sometimes. Motherhood can stink literally and motherhood can stink figuratively.  Most of the time, I would rather have the literal.  In this ten part series, we will be exploring the ways that motherhood can stink. ...more

Your Kid Is A Brat! And You're Still A Great Mom!

For that mother whose child threw themselves on the floor and kicked and screamed through story time while every other child sat quietly and obediently, the woman who after wrangling that child into their car seat amid screams and wails, sat in the driver's seat and stared out the window thinking she must be a bad mother. For that mother whose child talked back to her in front of a bunch of people, the woman who felt the sting of judgement and wanted to melt into the floor from embarrassment. For that mother whose child got called into the principal's office...again....more

Parenting Wars

Your Kid's Peanut Allergy is an Inconvenience

My oldest son came home from his first week of kindergarten with a letter stating that peanuts and peanut products were not allowed at school. What? He has eaten peanut butter sandwiches every day for years. What am I going to send for MY kid for lunch? He also loves peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars for snacks. What am I going to send for MY kid for a snack? What about MY kid? ...more
Thank youmore

I'm the Kind of Mom...


A Merit Badge System for Motherhood

My oldest son was born just over four years ago now, and I'm not gonna lie and say it's been easy. First, I was working. That sucked because I spent all of my time either worrying that a co-worker would pop through my office door to find me streaming Hannah Montana episodes on my computer while fiddling with the slurping plastic machine attached to my chest, or worrying about how the kid was doing without me. Then, I quit my job and decided to stay home since I was pregnant with yet another of my husband's big-headed spawn....more
@JenniferBArlin Ugh, don't tell me that! I was really just hoping that the kids would get big ...more

Back-to-School Mad Moms

Yes, Tale Tues is tardy again. Because on Tues I had a tantrum and tore the phone off the wall to hurl onto front lawn. Not as satisfying as an old cord phone which might have left a gaping hole and couldn’t so easily be rehung on its little wall clip: And I'm tardy because dog ate the eye off this: ...more

Dear PTO, I'm Just Not That Into You

Dear Mouthy Housewives, How can I get out of volunteering at my daughter's school without making anyone upset? Signed,Hell, No, PTO!...more
Hey there, Everybody! Just another great reason to homeschool. Reading this made me break out in ...more