Mom's 30 Greatest Wishes

I have asked mom’s around me and on my Social Media pages on what their greatest wishes were and here are the top 30 wishes.

1- Eat whenever and whatever and not gain weight.

2- Sleep for 9 hours a night.

3- Go to the bathroom without being interrupted.

4- Be a stay at home mom.

5- That my kids will never get sick.

6- Lose pregnancy weight in a week.

7- Labor without pain.

8- An auto-cleaning diaper.

9- My kids will listen to us as much as they listen to their father.

10- A robot to load and unload the dishwasher.

11- A self-cleaning toilet seat.

12- That our husband would understand us everyday.

13-  A self folding dryer.

14- That our kids grow to be honest and good citizens.

15- That my kids will never be victim of bully.

16- A medicine to cure and keep cancer away.

17- Travel the world with loved ones.

18-  That daddy could have boobs to breastfeed the babies. That way we could take turns at night.

19- That kids came with a manual so we could know how to deal with each different phase.

20- That my kids would never grow and leave my house.

21-  A lot of patience.

22- That my house would never get messy.

23- A magic lunch machine that would make healthy meals.

24-  An automatic pacifier that would know it’s way back to baby’s mouth at night so we did not have to get up in the middle of the night.

25- That my kids would never feel any pain.

26- A remote control like the one on the movie ‘CLICK’ so we could fast forward unpleasant moments and go back to great moments.

27- That my kids would like all the fruits and vegetables.

28- That newborn babies would sleep through the night.

29- That Dr. would listen to us when we say something is not right with our kids.

30-  That my kids be loved by everyone around them.

So Mom what is your wish?  Leave your comment down below.

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