Moms and Back to School Shopping

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Moms and Back to School Shopping

BlogHer Inc., in partnership with Sears, recently conducted a survey to determine what kinds of decisions moms were making this year about back to school shopping for kid’s clothes.


  • Identical survey fielded to two individual audiences
    • BlogHer publishing group
    • LATISM blog network
    • Sample Size
      • BlogHer Network total: 647 women
        • BlogHer Latina women: 19 women
  • LATISM Network total: 62 women
  • Combined survey total: 709 women
  • Combined Latina Total: 81 women

Main School Related Concerns for Moms:

We asked the moms in the study to rank the issues that concerned them most about schools today.  Results for the total sample moms were directionally identical to those of the Latina moms.  #1 was budget cuts to school programs, and is most likely driven by the continuing economic downturn.

Where is the Back-To-School shopping money going this year?

Approximately three quarters of the moms in the sample plan to spend more on back to school items this year.  Most (49%) plan to spend more on shoes with only 31% planning to spend more on jeans and 21% spending more on tops.  Latina moms are more likely (40%) than the total sample to be planning to spend more on school supplies this year.

Newspaper ads still an important source of BTS shopping information:

Nearly two thirds of the total moms in the sample said that newspaper ads or circulars played a role in helping them decide where to shop for back to school items.  40% said word of mouth was an important influence and about a third relied on loyalty programs to help make BTS shopping decisions.  Nearly one third selected “other” as their choice and among those moms, the best places to help them with back to school decisions included blogs, online ads and coupons.

Denim is an important back to school clothing purchase for kids:

47% of the total moms in the survey and more than half (57%) of the Latina moms said they planned to buy 2-4 pairs of jeans per year for their children.  However the majority want those jeans to be affordable, with about two thirds of the total sample saying they want to pay less than $50 for kids jeans when they go back to school shopping.

Amount Spent on Kid’s Jeans for BTS Shopping

Cash or Credit?

This survey reflects how the continuing economic downturn and credit crunch has affected shopping habits.  When asked how they planned to pay for their BTS shopping items this year, 62% of the total moms and 74% of the Latina moms said they were going to use cash (or debit cards).  Less than one third of the total (28%) planned to use credit cards.

Where to do BTS Shopping and When?

About half (47%) of the total moms and more than half (57%) of the Latina moms said they do their back to school shopping all summer long.  However most moms are looking out for sales and bargains wherever they can find them, with a quarter (25%) saying they plan to shop Labor Day weekend to take advantage of sales. 17% of the total moms also said they would shop after school started, so they can get more direction on what they need to purchase.  Only 10% said they already did their shopping earlier in the season because of “early bird” specials.

When asked where they planned to make their BTS purchases, 83% of the total moms said actual brick and mortar stores, compared to 17% who were going to purchase online.  Moms in this study were given the chance to select mobile shopping by smart phone, but none of them have adopted this habit for BTS purchases yet.

For more details and a pdf copy of the complete study, please click on the Slideshare presentation above.




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