Moms: Would You Buy Sketchers Shape-Ups For Your Little Girl?

By Commentarista Kelsey Bickford

When I was young, every summer night after dinner, ten or so of us kids would come running out into our adjacent yards and vote on which game we'd play that night. We were very democratic.  Some nights it would be Capture the Flag, other nights would be filled with Info (Hide and Seek in the dark, in case you aren't familiar) or the occasional game of Flashlight Tag.  Regardless of the game of choice, it was always neighborhood-wide and wonderfully epic; we'd spread out over three to four blocks, sometimes there would be 20 or so of us kids involved in the fun.  By the end of the night, I'd be soaked in sweat, bespeckled with bug bites, sap-haired from climbing trees and bleeding from at least a few scrapes.  I never thought about whether I was "getting enough exercise" or how this exercise might relate to my weight (these concerns came much later in life). With all of this in mind, I was empathetic to mom-bloggers everywhere who are posting enraged tirades about a new ad campaign for Sketchers Shape-ups for Girls.



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