Monday, Again

Here we go, its another Monday, and I am "starting" again. Where, when and how does this cycle end?

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, wanting to get things done, and begin my road to healthy again, so what happens? I looked at my cell phone, shouldn't have done that, but I did! Sometimes no news is good news. A person that thinks they are helping by giving me blow by blow information regarding the substitute positions in the school I work in, gave me some news that made me angry, because 1. I can't do anything about it, 2. I feel like I am being misled, 3. I am wondering what if anything did I do wrong that would make them not want to call me.

Things like this set me off, make me want to say "f**k it,  life is stressful, my diet doesn't have to be, lets eat!" I found EVERY excuse I can to not eat healthy. I am an adult, but I always revert back to that inseucre, unsure child when something doesn't go right for me.

I can't let life get in the way of me being healthy, eating right, and making a good example for my daughter to follow. How do I deal with situations that bother me? Well today I asked my friend to stop informing of what is going on in the school, if I am not there I don't want to know, its none of my business, and I wouldn't know otherwise so it shouldn't upset me.

Things beyond my control, are just that, and  the sooner I accept that and move on the better off I will be.


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