Monday and Motivated

After a long weekend, eating out and not making the best food choices I was certainly feeling it this morning...  Felt sluggish and struggled to get out of bed where I would normally be awake before my alarm and be ready to take on the day!  This shows that a good diet and lots of water contribute to my energy levels in a big way.. Note to Self!

Gym this morning started with some mobility exercises just to warm up the the now 35 year old body!  Learnt the hard way by skipping this and it just leads to injuries.. 
Then moved into our first circuit! 
  • 2 x 5 kg Dumbells - Standing on one leg, Bent over, Double arm Rows... 12 reps on each leg
  • Using the same Dumbells sitting on Bosu - 15 x Shoulder press then roll down on the Bosu and do 12 reps - Flys
  • Holding a Power Bag or Weight Bar - Standing in static lunge position - Weighted Bar in front at chin level on the down and on the up press above your head - 15 reps a side
  • 2 x 10kg Dumbells - Deadlifts x 20 reps
Next circuit: TABATA - 30/10/16
  • Press up position - legs wide - One hand behind back (5seconds) then swop and so on for 30 seconds.. watching that Bum is low, hips parallel to floor.. 
  • 8kg Kettle Bell - Lying flat on the floor, as you come up KB goes up above head - continue for 30 seconds
  • 8kg Kettle Bell - Standing, legs hip distance apart, KB in one hand, side benders - 30 seconds
  • Back to mat lying flat - V-Situps - bring your upper body and knees into each other - touching your feet - 30 seconds 
THIS circuit is repeated 4 Times - Kills your tummy! 

To finish off 15 minutes stretching and rolling followed by my post work drink -  30g 100% Whey - this I don't ever go without (My preference is SSN - Chocolate or Cookies and Cream!...
Happy Monday to all.. x


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