Monday Chat

  • Saturday was a mix of errands, chores & writing. The first two, not so exciting.
  • Sunday was pretty chill. I woke up, well I got woken up because Kai needs her breakfast. I noticed a beautiful full moon and I had to go and take some pictures of it, outside in the dark in a housecoat & running shoes. Any neighbours that were awake must have thought I was a burglar.
  • I have to take some time to edit many of my pictures, if needed & then who knows. I really need to start some kind of picture portfolio. I have everything on SD cards & USB's but I get nervous about losing all the data from damage or losing the cards. I was thinking about printing out the best ones and using them in a portfolio. I won't/haven't been using them here. I have so many that I'm saving for something. I also have to sort out the pictures that I'm going to use in my book.  More things on the to-do list, I guess.
  • Another busy week ahead. More workshops. Writing groups to attend. My January submission deadline is Friday. So the heat is on. Remember that song by Kenny Loggins, before he started doing children's music?
  • I still have to catch up on Republic of Doyle. It's online but I know that they won't keep all of the episodes up forever. Anyone watch that show?

Lady Edith. Let the girl have her newspaper column and support her. She needs to occupy her mind and time with something. Who cares if the paper is hiring her for selfish reasons.

Lady Mary & Matthew. I think Mary is infertile. After all of her previous dalliances she was lucky not to have gotten pregnant. I don't think the infertility lies with Matthew at all. Then again after the older Dr. mucked up Sybil's diagnosis maybe Matthew should get tested just to be sure.

Jimmy & Thomas. Jimmy is not feeling, how touchy-feely Thomas is. I wonder how long it will be before Thomas makes a move?

Anna & Mr. Bates. Every time there is a lead, someone (cell mate & the warden) comes along to dash their hopes. I wonder if Mr. Bates will ever get out of prison this season?

Branson & Lady Sybil. Sad and unexpected. Really Downton writer's? Could she not enjoy her happiness for more then a year? Damn! I wonder if Branson is going to take the baby and go back to Ireland? Maybe live on the lamb.

Lady Cora is going to make her husband pay. As far as she is concerned his decision helped to kill her youngest child. Good luck with that Robert.

How was your weekend? Anything new, exciting or different coming up for you this week?


Till next time,


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