Monday Chat (02/04/2013)

  • This weekend was okay. I did get to relax a little, while catching up on some of my favourite YT shows and some television online.
  • I was able to take a lot of photographs and video. I'll be spending the next little while editing and throwing out some of those photo's. I'm trying to put together some funny footage of some of the things Kai the cat does. If your an animal and/or cat lover you'll enjoy it. You'll also know that cats do not perform for you. It's just a matter of knowing their habits and then catching it on film. Of of course this also includes having   the right lighting, audio (if being used), a steady hand, etc. Anyway, photography and video are some other creative things that I enjoy, so when I have time I like to improve my skills. Plus it's free and that's always a bonus! Has anyone else been able to find time to hone their creative skills in other areas of their life?
  • This week is continued editing, working on February's submission(s), freelance job searching (as always) and whatever else I can squeeze in.
  • Maca Root Update: (I know I did a previous post on maca, but I haven't a clue where it is?) Simply put, it didn't work for me. I took it for more than 60 days, a teaspoon a day. I feel I should notice an improvement at the end of 30 days. Not perfection but improvement.

I didn't notice an improvement in energy, pain management, lessening of fatigue, etc. I tried it, so that's all that I can do. For those that it worked for, blessings to you. I will probably be on a search, until I can find something that can help with all of my Fibro symptoms. I have no problem with mixing alternative and traditional practices, but for me the traditional (prescription medication) did nothing but make me feel worse. The only alternatives that have worked so far have been acupuncture, with light massage (sometimes, depending on how much pain I'm currently in) & chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately all of those are very expensive where I live now. Another bonus to my previous city. I could get all of those treatments on a weekly basis for a very affordable price. Where I am now, forget about it.

  • Downton Abbey, Season 3, Ep., 5. I love the drama that is occurring on this show. A little sad but hey, it's better that it occur on Downton Abbey then in my life. I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left of this season (I think). Oh well, the fewer shows there are, the less I have to distract me from my work and sleep.

Lady Mary & Matthew. I do wonder if Branson will leave his daughter with her aunt Mary. That would give Mary something to do.

It's good that Daisy will have the chance at a future outside of service, if she so chooses. Great insight, her father-in-law has, in wanting her to take over his farm.

Anna & Mr. Bates. It's good that Mr. Bates will get to come out of prison although I don't think the couples troubles are over.

Lady Cora & Robert. I don't know if I agree with granny making the doctor fudge the truth but I guess it's for the greater good? Maybe.

How was your weekend and how is your Monday, so far?


Till next time,



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